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    RF30HDEDTSR Samsung Refrigerator noise

    Wondering if anybody might be able to offer thoughts on a noise that's been emanating from my Samsung RF30HDEDTSR refrigerator fairly regularly, but has recently intensified. The appliance is five years old. The sound stops when the refrigerator door is opened. After I open the door, I can...
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    MVWX700XW Maytag Washer: Loud Grinding Noise / Smell Plastic

    On a 13 minute Drain and Spin cycle, everything (Draining and spinning) seems fine. It spins normal, the pump is draining the water. Then at the start of minute 7, a LOUD grinding starts as the tub spins. Here is a video: Then about 40 seconds later the spinning and grinding slows down and...
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    Miele washing machine grinding sound

    Hi, While rotating the drum (also manually), there's a strong grinding sound at about 1/4 of a full rotation. 3/4 are completely smooth and 1/4 makes grinding sound like a metal to metal friction. Any idea what it may be? attached a short video. Thank you.
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    LG washer making rattling noise during the first 5 minutes of the wash cycle, then works fine

    Washer makes loud rattling/grinding noise every time during the first 5 minutes and after that the noise goes away (see video at ). There are no issues with the tub spinning. i.e. the washer does complete washing the clothes properly as long as the load is light. If the load is heavy then washer...
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    110.20922990 Kenmore (Whirlpool) 90 Series Washing Machine Making a Grinding Noise

    I just finished repairing my Kenmore (Whirlpool) 90 Series Washing Machine that stopped agitating. I found that Motor Coupling was bad and just replaced this evening as well as the Clutch, just in case. I replaced with the following parts: Motor Coupling 285753A Whirlpool OEM Part #285753A...
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    796.41473210 Elite Front Loader makes grinding noise during wash cycle

    I'm getting a grinding noise from my Kenmore Elite Front Loading Washer. Model 796.41473210 Or maybe the model # is 796.4147 It's tough to figure this out. During the wash cycle, the drum will turn a few revolutions clockwise, and it sits for a second, then it turns a few revolutions...
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    Frigidaire Refrigerator making grind noise behind the freezer section

    My Frigidaire refrigerator started making a grinding noise in the freezer side of the side by side. I turned down the thermostat and the noise goes away. But, when I turn it back on, it comes back. I have emptied and taken out the ice tray and ice maker, but noise continues. I have unplugged...
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    Grinding noise Kitchenaid Dishwasher

    My KitchenAid dishwasher just started making a grinding/crunching noise last night, near the motor. I took off the plate but I'm not sure what to do. Can anybody help with what I should check and how? Other than the noise it seems to run fine! Thanks!