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    GE Dishwasher GDT605PFM0DS dead

    Hello, my dishwasher was making beeping sounds (as if a wash was complete) in the middle of the night, despite no wash cycle taking place. In the morning it appears now the machine has no power at all. Looking online it seems that a technician may be the only way to "reset" the dishwasher to...
  2. M

    HLPW028BXW Haier Top Loader Impeller Screw Broken

    I have a Haier washing machine (https://www.haierappliances.com/appliance/2-1-Cu-Ft-Portable-Washer-HLPW028BXW) since about 2017 and for the most part it has been great, we had some coins block the valve that I have had to deal with but nothing major until now. This model doesn't have an upright...
  3. S

    Haier (GE?) HLC1700AXW Washer/Dryer Combo - F9 error

    I have an issue with a Haier model HLC1700AXW 24" washer / dryer combo unit, purchased in mid 2020, factory warranty has expired. My tenants are reporting an F9 Error - Dryer sensor circuit problem. I am told that this error has happened a few times in recent months, and unplugging the machine...
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    Should the Haier HUF138PB Freezer have an Evaporator Fan? Mine does not.

    So our 2007 Haier HUF138PB Deep Freezer runs constantly and now won't cool below 31 degrees, even with the temp knob being set at 7. This freezer came with the house we purchased, so I figured I'd vacuum the coils in the back to see if that would help. When I removed the back cover, I was...
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    Haier mini fridge HC32TW10SB thermostat channel

    So I’m trying to replace a thermostat in my haier 2 compartment mini fridge. getting the thermostat/probe out was easy enough, but I didn’t pay quite enough attention to where it came out, exactly. It used the same hole in the plastic internal lining As the power cable. it just slid out as I...
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    Defrost timer issue with HT21TS45SW Haier Refrigerator

    The fridge's defrost timer is broken ( Haier 0060402415, WR09X29230-> 10A NON-IND 1/3hp 14.7 HOUR TIMER). I have verified the fridge still works by manually putting it into defrost mode. I tried to replace this timer with a configurable one ( UET120) but I think it was defective as when I force...
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    FIXED GE Dishwasher GDF620HSJ4SS Wont turn on

    GE Appliance Quality Decline after Haier (2016)? GE Dishwasher (2017) won't turn on. Checked power, including connection, no multimeter but power seems to be going up to the door. Steady green status light, no communication between UI and Control Board. In the process of replacing the UI per...
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    FIXED Haier Thermostat RF-7350-77 Terminal Help

    The thermostat for by Haier kegerator went out and I ordered and installed a new one. Stupidly, I didn't keep track of which wires go on which terminal, and I can't find any docs for the thermostat that say what is what. I have white, black and green wires, and three terminals on the...
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    Need advice on Haier kegerator refrig system repair

    Hello. My Haier kegerator (HBF05EABB) has crapped out. i.e the refrigeration system doesn't run at all. I did some research and found this thread on this site which at first looked very helpful. Problem is none of the parts shown in the thread look like my system. The attached photos show...
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    Haier ESD211 dishwasher not running

    I have a Haier ESD211 dishwasher that came with the house that I just bought. It was working fine until about 4 days ago but now the lights just flash and it beeps but does not run. Looking around online I saw someone mention that it may be a latch issue. I opened the door, closed the latch with...

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