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    WRS970CIHZ Can Whirlpool Appliance HANDLES be swapped out for KitchenAid Appliance HANDLES?

    QUESTION: Can current Whirlpool Appliances (French door or side-by-side and wall ovens for example) accept handles from equivalent KitchenAid appliances? KitchenAid handle: We're planning a small home build for retirement. We're going w/ a French door refrigerator (probably), 36-in gas...
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    WFG231LVB1 Whirlpool Gas Range Oven Door fell off

    The Oven door Handle Fell off. Now the Oven door is in 2 sections. It looks like there is plastic over the screws. Do I need a whole kit for oven door handle or do they just make the plastic sleeves and screws.
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    Amana dishwasher door latch broken

    Our Amana dishwasher is about 4 1/2 years old. For a couple of weeks the latch seemed to stick occasionally but got better. Until last night, of course, when it broke completely. The handle that pushes up doesn't seem to connect to anything anymore. Closing the door by hand produces a...
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    Replacement handle for HE3t

    The handle on my dryer broke, so I purchased part # WP8559751. How do I remove the broken handle and install the new one? I could start unscrewing lots of bolts on the inside of the door, but thought I would ask here first before I created a bigger problem. It appears it is anchored at the top...