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    FIXED WED8300SW2 Whirlpool Duet Sport - Control Panel Selecting options at random. Cannot start

    Hey guys, I have a Whirlpool Duet Sport (WED8300SW2) and one day it just stopped working. I can't seem to get it to go into diagnostic mode and the control panel seems to have a mind of it's own. I recorded me trying to set the control panel to a specific setting but the mode selection light...
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    Dryer whistle sound when heat turns on. AGQ8000FS0

    My dryer makes a whistling noise whenever the heat turns on. I can tell it’s the heat because if I open the door while it’s running the noise immediately stops. I close the door and restart dryer, the noise does not start until after several moments when the dryer starts to heat up again.
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    Frigidaire Range FGF348KCD - gas oven not heating

    Oven and broiler will not heat. I've checked the igniter - it is not warming up at all, but conductivity looks fine. I've actually replaced that igniter within the past couple years and I don't think it is the problem. I also checked the temperature probe - resistance is within the correct...
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    Kenmore Elite HE5 Dryer 110.97086601 intermittent heating, relay click on/off

    I have a Kenmore Elite HE5 that I got out of storage after several years and it's not working right now but was put away working OK. Initial symptom was no heating at all. I tested all the cutoff switches for continuity, and the thermistor was in spec for ohms, etc. I tried a lot of cycles...
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    AGQ8700FS1 Frigidaire Affinity Gas Dryer not heating, shutting off mid-cycle, three blinking lights.

    Our dryer started doing this while I was out on a work trip and am just not starting to trouble shoot. If anyone. can help with some basic trouble shooting steps or If anyone could help me with a tech sheet/ how to get into diagnostic mode, it would be appreciated. All the best!
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    790.94173310 Front Right (Large) Burner stays on full heat no matter the knob setting

    Just like the title says, my front right burner will heat up to full heat and stays illuminated at all times even with knob on the lowest setting. Sometimes turning the burner off will “reset” it so that it works normally but not always. I’m not sure if this could be an issue with the surface...
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    LRE30451ST LG Range FR burner will not shut off and is full power

    I have a LRE30451ST and the front right burner will not shut off and is full power. I've already replaced the main PCB board but it didn't help. As soon as I plug in the range, the burner starts without any button presses. I've taken out the burner element to inspect it but it looks fine. I'm...
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    Panasonic Microwave NN-SD691S - does not produce any heat

    The microwave seems to working (i.e. all controls work) but it does not produce any heat. The display is fine and turntable does turn.
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    Maytag Dryer LDE8424ACE: another no heater

    So, the dryer stopped heating a while back, and while I believe I have the skills necessary to solve this problem (been a low voltage electrician for 25 years), this thing is just irritating the ever living s%%t out of me. When I first discovered it wasn’t heating, I went through it following...
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    FFSG5115PW0 Frigidaire dryer wont dry

    model# FFSG5115PW0 dryer wont dry This all started as the door open code, I had this once before, i opened the machine and started checking the thermal fuses, ended up replacing them all (all were open) Then that got rid of the code, however, now the heat never kicks on. I have replaced both...
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    FPEF3081KFF Frigidaire Electric Oven Slow to Preheat after Self Clean

    I recently ran a self-clean on my oven. It now takes a very long time to preheat (30+ mins to get to 350). The broiler also does not work. What could be causing this?
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    110.97588210 Gas Dryer Burner Repeats Sequence: 40 Seconds on, 2 Minutes Off

    I pulled the lower access panel on my dryer and saw the igniter glow, then a nice blue flame for 40 seconds, then the flame goes out for two minutes, then the sequence is repeated over and over. This is with the dryer in "Timed Dry" mode with the temperature control set to cotton (high). I was...
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    Can you warm a house by drawing warm air in,from outdoors,with a fan?

    Can you warm a house by drawing warm air in,from outdoors, with a fan? My north facing house [in Pasadena,CA] is very cold in winter & it's much warmer outside until about 1p or 2p. I assume opening windows in the morning should help [but haven't tried it that often]. Could you also you use a...
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    NE594R0ABS Samsung Range - oven not heating properly

    I have an electric Samsung Oven/Range. Recently, the oven does not heat up well. I tested it recently and turned on the oven. The oven sounded the indicator within about 5 minutes telling me it had reached 350-degrees. However, the temp inside the over was only about 175 degrees. I kept the...
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    DCVH680GJ1MR GE gas dryer won't heat

    Hi, I have the DCVH680GJ1MR dryer model, per my label (and also referred to as DCVH680GJMR on the GE product site, not showing the "1" digit) . Does anyone have the "technical service guide" for this model? GE customer service is un-empowered, they don't have access to this. Details: I've...
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    Portable Whirlpool Dishwasher WDP350PAAB3 heat issue

    So we get no heat. I test the heating element and it has NO continuity at all. So I figure this is an easy fix and replace it. Still no heat. I test the thermostat and it seems to have good continuity. I take a look at the control board and notice that four wires leading into it look fried. In...
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    Kenmore 790.72313013 gas range heats slowly - replaced igniter 2x

    My 7yo gas range is slow to heat and tops out at about 390 degrees. I replaced the oven igniter but it did not help. I had a Sears guy out, he said the part was bad, so I replaced it again with one from a different website than the previous one. I still have the problem. The igniter and oven...
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    GMC305PRB01 Whirlpool microwave blew fuse. Replaced fuse, HV transformer and diode - still no heat.

    The microwave of my GMC305PRB01 blew the 15AMP fuse (a 20AMP MDA was actually installed from factory). While replacing the fuse and noticed the red lead to HV transformer had come lose and touched the transformer case. I suspected this might be way the fuse blew. I reconnected the lead. Turned...
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    KitchenAid KEMS308SS won't heat, no error code :?

    Hey yall - My KitchenAid combo wall oven/microwave won't heat (oven only, micro is fine.) Last week I had an error code showing communications lost between the touchscreen and the oven. I replaced the control board (the one on the side, not the touchscreen control area.) The error code went...
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    DLGX3361V LG Gas Dryer stopped heating up

    Hi, My LG gas dryer (DLGX3361V) has stopped heating up. The flame will go on for about 5 seconds and then turn off. It will attempt it once more with the same results. I had a repairman tell me it was the gas valve assembly that needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, after replacing it, the...

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