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heater defrost

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    RF267AARS/XAA Samsung Refrigerator - evaporator heater not working even in FF / rd

    Hi, I have a Samsung RF267AARS/XAA fridge. When we go into manual mode and go to fresh food defrost (rd) the heater element is supposed to get hot to the touch, right? Mine does not. I checked it with a multimeter in the ohm setting and it does show that it is working (the numbers change to...
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    KitchenAid Built-in Refrigerator KSSS42QDW05, Defrost timer rotation question.

    Hello from Denver, Thank you in advance for considering my questions. In my quest to determine if my defrost timer is working properly I put a red ink mark on the gray part that you can insert a flat head screwdriver into for manually moving the timer into or out-of defrost mode. Picture below...
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    Defrost issue with ice maker on Frigidaire Refrigerator FGHF2366PF5A

    I have issues with the ice maker freezing up. This has been happening for a long time. Originally it would happen every few months and I learned to take it apart and thaw it out to get it to work again. Then I learned that there was an upgraded air handler kit for this unit and that was...

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