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    LG DLEX3570W Dryer limited heat not drying, flowsense error codes d80, d90, d95

    Hi I have a LG Dryer DLEX3570W which is about 6 years old I am having issues with error code d80, d90, d95 and the dryer shutting off earlier and leaving clothes wet/damp. Below are the steps taken so far and really confused on what else I should test. - cleaned the ductwork and checked...
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    FIXED JT952BF7BB GE Profile Electric Oven Not Getting to Set Temp

    Hey Friends, our 14 year old oven is not getting to the set temperature. It's like 70 degrees short. The element is like $80 but I don't want to guess. Everything else on the oven is normal, the fans, display board. Any thoughts on how I could diagnose. Thank you!
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    GE JS630DF188 electric range takes forever to heat up

    Hi! We recently got about a 10-year-old JS630DF188 model GE smooth-top electric range. we got it all set up, but the stove and oven take forever to heat up, and we don’t know why. We’ve tried resetting the breaker and that didn’t do anything. The oven took forever to heat up and said it was up...
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    WFE540H0AW0 Whirlpool Oven taking too long to preheat and unable to maintain / recoup temp once food inside

    Takes 43 minutes to get to 425F. It maintains temp as long as nothing is in the oven, but once cold or frozen food is placed in oven, it can't regain or maintain temperature. Tried switching to convection mode and seems to help a bit but still takes 35+ minutes to heat up. Broil works, but I...
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    592.891070 Kenmore Front Loading No heat

    Hey Guys, I am new here and trying to get my dryer working. So i originally had took it apart and seen that the element had several breaks in it. I had replaced the element got it back together and it start to work, but barely. I reopened the thing and noticed i had grounded out the element on...
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