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heating problem

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    FIXED Samsung Dryer DV42H5000EW/A3 How do you get to the diagnostic screen?

    I looked online before posting but couldn't find anything. I have a Samsung DV42H5000EW/A3 dryer that's not blowing any hot air. I already replaced the heating coil and the thermostat. The dryer starts up normally but no heat comes out of the dryer. I keep seeing that you can diagnose the dryer...
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    JDS1750EP Jennair Dual Range Oven won't heat up all the way

    I recently purchased a used Jennair dual-fuel range. When I set the oven to 400f on bake, it usually gets stuck around 345-375. If I set it to 500f, it will go past 375 but get stuck somewhere in the 400s. Any ideas on what could be happening here? The range model is JDS1750EP. Thanks.
  3. L

    FIXED DV337AGG/XAA SAMSUNG dryer heats then cool air comes out after about ten minutes

    I start dryer, heating element is on and hot air is coming out of vent. After about ten minutes the heating element turns off and air starts to get cooler. Periodically heating element turns on then immediately turns off, doesn’t stay on. No more hot air to dry clothes. If I let the machine sit...
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    FIXED GE Profile PGB995SET2SS preheat works randomly

    When setting the lower oven to heat it will frequently stay on the temp entered from the keypad and beep right away as if it is already at that temp and not drop the temp gauge to 100 and rise slowly as the oven heats. It does not heat when this happens. The top oven and range top work fine. If...
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    WDF750SAYM3 Dishwasher Not Getting Hot

    We recently used a dishwasher cleaner that required us to use our hottest wash cycle. After the cleaning was complete we started to have issues with our dishwasher. The water is no longer hot, the water is only as hot as what comes from the kitchen tap. Also, the dish drying cycle doesn't get...
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    Unknown Service Error Code for 665.13269K114

    I have been attempting to locate a root cause for an issue which originally began as an intermittent failure of the unit to complete a cycle or, if it did complete, the dishes were left wet. The initial diagnostic cycle returned errors 6-6 (Inlet Water-Cool Water) and 7-1 (Heating-No Heat). I...
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    WDT790SLYM1 Whirlpool dishwasher heating element not getting hot

    Several weeks ago I suspected that our dishwasher wasn't working properly, and it turned out the arms weren't spinning. Dishes were only getting wet from the steam. After some troubleshooting, I purchased a replacement pump and motor assembly. After replacing the assembly, the arms started...
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    Heating element won't turn off

    Maytag Dishwasher will complete cycle, but the heating element won't turn off. If I then press the 'Start/Cancel' button, a new cycle will initiate, and can then press the 'Start/Cancel' button twice more to stop cycle. This appears to shutoff the heating element. However, unless I do this...
  9. K

    Dishwasher not drying

    I've had this dishwasher for a little over a year and a half now. The element has deteriorated and cracked and so I ordered a replacement. After replacing the element it still was not getting warm so I thought it might be the thermal sensor, replaced this as well. Again water not getting...
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    FIXED Whirlpool Duet Steam - Not heating - Model #WED9550WW1

    Hey there, Whirlpool dryer stopped drying yesterday. It still turns on and spins, just no heat. I pulled off the back and front cover plates and checked out the element box - no apparent wear, burns or damage to the box or wires. I own a multimeter (though my experience with them is limited...
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    MDG5500AWW Maytag Gas Dryer Stops Heating

    Similar problem to Thread 35047. May tag dryer starts and fires up normally. Heat cuts off after 1-2 minutes. Checked exhaust vent, Lint filter air vents and tubing to outside. Cleaned moderate amounts of lint, but problem persists. Took off front panel. Heating coil glows bright red...
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    Kenmore Elite Not Heating

    This is my first endeavor to take on the repair of an appliance. They say ingenuity is born of necessity and they couldn't be more right in this case. I have a 6 year old kenmore elite quiet pak 9 that sat around in storage for a year because my roommate had a nicer newer one and now its not...
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    Old Beach 22" Electric Range - Repair or Replace?

    It must be at least 25 years old - anyone know if it's by Beach Hamilton? It only says Beach so maybe not. Also, any ideas for locating the model number? I"m not messing with it if it's on the back or side. It's not in the fuse panel or inside the oven door. So here's the thing - it still works...
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    Whilrpool Duet GEW9200LW1 May Not Be Heating To High Enough Temp

    Our Whirlpool Duet dryer has not been drying well for a couple of years now. Last week, it stopped heating all together. I checked the heating element and it had no continuity and when I pulled it out it was broken in two. I replaced the heating element and now it is heating, but still not...
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    Heating Element Error

    Greetings: My wife and I purchased this portable dishwasher used so I'm not sure of the age. On the front it says Frigidaire Ultraquiet II, and on the label it says: White Consolidated Inc./ WCI Canada, Inc. Model: FDP635RFR2 Serial: TH65147864 The dishwasher itself works fine, but the...
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    Problem Defective Infinite Heat Switches

    I came across this site by pure chance while searching for a new infinite heat control for my Frigidaire range. This 5yr old range has had the infinite heat switch replaced THREE times now. Same problem as always. Popping and buzzing sounds, followed by eventual failure of the entire...
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    Vintage Wedgewood stove - oven wont heat, no gas hissing sound, pilot is lit, burners still work.

    I have an old wedgewood stove, and used the oven and broiler fine the other day. Afterwards the house smelled strongly of gas so I aired it out and relit the pilot which had gone out. The pilot is still lit, but now when I try to bake the oven and broiler won't get hot. There is no sound of...
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    Amana Dryer won't heat

    My Amana dryer was given to me by a friend 2 years ago. I believe it's 6-10 years old. It has worked beautifully until yesterday when it suddenly stopped heating. It will spin the clothes but will not dry them. Any suggestions?

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