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    Kenmore Dishwasher 665.13743K601 Clean light still stuck in 7 blink cycle after replacing heating element - can't reset

    Hi there. The dishwasher stopped working and presented with the clean light 7 blink cycle that I've since come to learn indicates an issue with heating. I checked the heating element with a multimeter and it didn't register at all so I replaced it. But after reassembly I'm still presented...
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    GE Dishwasher PDT715SMN2ES Not Drying or Heating

    Dishwasher is 1.5 years old and has worked perfectly until recent. At first I thought it was just an issue with my dishes being wet after a cycle was ran. After watching it now I notice the water does not seem to get hot anymore, in the past you could feel the side of the cabinet and it would be...
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    PBT860SMMES GE Profile Dishwasher Error E3

    Hello, So my GE dishwasher gives me error E3 after a cycle, and it only goes away when I disconnect power. I have tried replacing the heating element and checked that the water inside is hot. I am sure E3 is a heating issue. One thing to note is that I have a Rinnai water heater, which heats...
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    Samsung Range NE595R1ABSR Oven Not Holding Temp

    Hi! First time posting so go easy on me:) I have an eight year old Samsung model number NE595R1ABSR that is not holding temperature. I can heat the oven to 350 degrees and restart the temperature five minutes later and it’s down to 310. Now this is a split oven so there’s a shelf in the middle...
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    HBL8450 Bosch Oven Heating Woes -- Normal?

    We are pretty frustrated because we bought a new HBL8450 oven and a new microwave (several thousand dollars worth) only 18 months ago and we’ve had numerous issues. We could really use some advice right now to determine if this behavior below is normal. Perhaps if someone can explain what’s...
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    FIXED GDF540HMF4ES GE dishwasher still not heating/drying, tried multiple things, what's left?

    Model Number: GDF540HMF4ES I've taken apart and thoroughly cleaned everything, the old Flood Switch was indeed bad, replaced with new one & verified correct reading before installing. Heating element resistance is 16 ohms (correct?) Rinse aid dispenser is topped off. Diagnostic mode (Start...
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    Bosch SHEM78W52N Dishwasher stays warm inside all the time, seems like heating element is always on.

    3 year old bosch dishwasher, always hot inside. Wave of heat exits when you open it even when it has not run in a day or two. why does this thing stay so hot inside?
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    FFET2725PSB Double Oven not heating properly

    I have a Frigidaire FFET2725PSB double oven that was purchased new in 2014. The upper oven stopped heating to full temp first. We would set to 350 and the display would show that it would only get to around 200 degrees after about 40 min. You could feel inside as well and it was only warm...
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    FIXED WED9550WL2 Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating

    Good evening... So recently my dryer stopped heating. Now it was over taxed a while due to our builder putting a thin mesh on the roof to keep out critters, but in actuality all it did was clog up the dryer vent and cause issues. So 6 months after getting that resolved we no longer have heating...
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    Built-in Oven not heating up?

    A few weeks ago my Built-in Oven stopped working, I would set the temperature (so you see the target temp in red and bake <on>) and it would sit there for 10-30 seconds then go back to the idle (clock) state. I tried the various modes but the best example is convection where I set it and the fan...
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    Roper Dryer - Heating Element Staying on.

    Hi, I have a roper dryer that for some reason blew the thermal fuse. The i bypassed the thermal fuse and found the motor to run normal. When the timer is set to any setting besides off the heating element heats up and the only way to stop it is to turn the timer to the off position. This happens...
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    Kenmore Elite 790 baking element not heating

    Kenmore Elite 790.96633701 takes forever to reach operating temperature. I suspect because it is only using the broiling and convection elements for heating. 1. Checked voltage at the Electronic Oven Control unit and got 220v for the broiler between L2 OUT and BROIL. Got 0v between L2 OUT and...
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    Heating Problem - Replaced Thermal Cut Off Twice

    I'm beyond frustrated by this, so any help anyone could provide would be fantastic. My dryer stopped working two weeks ago, I quickly determined that it had no heat, so I opened up the back panel and checked the heating element, thermostat and thermal cut off for continuity. The thermal cut off...
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    Intertherm hot water electric heater for room

    I have a room that was added later in the homes life. It is next to impossible to run my boiler hot water heating system to it, so they installed an intertherm hot water electric heater. This thing is a KW hog! It is also impossible to manage, it's either too hot or ice cold. anyone have any...

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