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  1. J

    GFW480SPK0RR GE Front Load Washer No Power

    It worked, and then it didn’t. We haven’t used the washer in maybe a week or so but it worked just fine at that time. Now all of a sudden we don’t have any power going to it. I’ve searched YouTube and called GE to troubleshoot and nothing. The breaker is fine and so is the outlet. We’ve done the...
  2. C

    MVWX655DW1 Maytag Washer - interchangeable control boards?

    Hi All, I am attempting to replace the control board on my Maytag MVWX655DW1 top loading washing machine. I ordered the part recommended here (W11116592) second hand and the seller sent an alternative board which he said is interchangeable with my board. The boards look identical, however, one...
  3. J

    GTD65EBSJ3WS GE Dryer WX22X32939 Programing help

    Need Board programing for WX22X32939. Purchased new board no set up instructions Moved thread to correct forum
  4. T

    GE Top Load Washer GTW680BSJ5WS - Drain spin issues

    Hello I have a GE top load washer model# GTW680BSJ5WS In normal cycles… colors speed wash bulky items… the cycle doesn’t complete. It stops and does not rinse nor spin. On drain and spin it runs great. No error codes nothing. I ran a load on speed wash and watched the whole cycle. The...
  5. D

    FIXED Strange Problems with 2 Refrigerators - No water after we were away for 4 days

    10/16/21 Maytag MFI2568AES purchased 7/2007 Frigidaire LFSS2612TE purchased 7/21 As of last Sunday both refrigerators were working fine. On Monday the wife and I went away for 4 days. As I normally do I shut off the house water main line. When we came home the first thing I did was turn...
  6. W

    Kenmore model 795.71319.312 Water leaking from ice maker water tube

    Water leaking from ice maker water tube suppose to be a bad heater. I was told this was not repairable and I have a hard time believing that. Any help is appreciated
  7. H

    FIXED Frigidaire Dryer GLGR341AS4 need help with wiring

    I was changing the belt for my dryer and some wires had come lose. Im not experienced with this type of wiring and need some help. Could someone check and see if the wires are in place because currently it is not turning on.
  8. K

    110.29522800 Kenmore Washing Machine Won't Spin

    It makes a sound like it's trying to spin but it doesn't spin. It drains the basket out fine and agitates the water but when it comes to the spin part of the cycle it makes a sound like its spinning but the basket doesnt spin. Can anyone help me please?
  9. custom52GE

    CD3-46A Custom Vintage 1952 G.E. Stove Needing a little help!

    Hello antique world out there! My husband and I have a classic custom GE 1952 stove that we absolutely love. It came out of an older couples cabin that they bought brand new and still works like a top. We have since then cleaned and restored most of it but the burners on the top side are...
  10. Krissweety66

    FIXED Frigidaire model # FPES19TPW0 cubic feet of this refrigerator?

    does anyone know the cubic feet of this refrigerator? It is a freezer on top not the side by side I keep getting while trying to search for this information. Thank you.
  11. J

    DRSR483ED1WW Replaced GE felt now dryer turns off after 1-2mins

    Hi, I read a similar old thread where the reassembly of the front panel wasn’t correct and caused the same issue but I don’t quite understand how they fixed it, so forgive me If you’ve heard this one before... Replaced felt today, reassembled, ran to test and it starts fine, heats, then turns...
  12. leahh1

    FAFW3801LW5 Frigidaire Washer Wont spin, replaced control board and..

    Hello there, i am at a loss on what to do and need our washer in working order as i have a family of 4! our washer all of a sudden wouldnt start, says "no Spin" door locks, the lights turn on, but nothing after the door looks, did some looking online and found somewhere possibly control board...
  13. K

    GTUP270GM1WW fills, agitates, and drains but WILL NOT SPIN

    i can't figure out what is wrong with my washing machine and why i can't get it to spin. the door locks and cycle begins. the tub fills with water and begins to agitate. after agitating the water drains and attempts to spin but makes a couple clicking sound and then beeps and throws an error...
  14. B

    Maytag Model A511 - Spins, but won't dry properly

    I have a nice old Maytag A511 washer that has done me well that came with my first home purchase 3 years ago. This is the first issue I have had with the washer - It appears to be spinning at a high rate, however the clothes are soaking wet at the end of the wash. I put the washer back on...
  15. C

    FIXED: Vintage (1963?) Tappan Oven Not Working - Help Please

    Model Number: EOK 1110 Brand: Tappan Age: More than 10 years Hello: I am new to this forum having just bought a immaculately maintained 1963 ranch with one exception - my beautiful oven doesn't work. I am hoping someone on this forum can give me some tips/ suggestions. I am assuming that the...
  16. V

    Maytag Neptune MAH8700AWW Control Panel Help

    Howdy, y'all are? I have a great old washer, a Maytag, and I keep it clean (complete with drying the seals and taking good care of it) and it runs like a Swiss watch--when it's running. Which it would be, if the landlord's son hadn't plugged in the washer (that I normally only plug...
  17. V

    True Gem-12 Not Cooling

    Hello Everyone, I have a old commercial refrigerator that I've been using as a beer fridge for a while now and it recently stopped cooling. It's a True GEM-12 and after doing some research the thing may be pretty close to 23 years old - So my hopes of fixing it are relatively low but I figured...
  18. J

    FGHD2455LF1A not draining

    Hi, New member but have used this site before! I hope you guys could possibly help me out My Frigidaire FGHD2455LF1A isn't draining properly, I have tried a few things. I have removed drain hoses and they aren't clogged, I have opened the drain pump and it isn't clogged and is in working...
  19. G

    Not starting up

    Have a PLHS267ZAB5 Frigidaire Gallery Side by Side Fridge. Fridge stopped getting cold one day, replaced the starter with a 3 in one universal kit. Fridge was fixed! Now, the problem happened again...this time I changed the 3 in one starter again thinking that's what broke. BUT for some reason...
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