hidden bake element

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    Sears Kenmore Oven C970-635641 hidden bake element

    Hello and thanks for any help. The hidden bake element in the oven is shot. I've looked at many videos on how to access the hidden element but none are configured like this model. The terminals come out at the same level as the main power wires are screwed in. There are three screws at the back...
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    GLP85800 Whirlpool oven taking 30min to preheat

    So I have an oven/stove model GLP85800 from Whirlpool, when baking it gives a countdown and beeps when it reached temperature, well the past week or two it started to take 30minutes or so to reach desired temperature. For example setting bake to 350° gives a countdown of around 5minutes, which...
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    FIXED How do I change the lower hidden bake element in an Electrolux EW30DS75KS4 duel fuel range?

    I am needing assistance figuring out how to access the lower hidden bake element in an Electrolux EW30DS75KS4 range. The oven does not appear to have screws on the inside of the oven chamber with which to remove the oven lining with to gain access to the lower bake element. Here is a link to...
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