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high limit thermostat

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    Kenmore 110.96586400 Proper Wiring for High Limit Thermostat

    Kenmore Dryer 110.96586400 Dryer is about 15yrs old (I think) and the heat stopped working. Ordered the usual replacement parts Heating element Cycling Thermostat (4 prong) High limit thermostat (2 prong) Thermal fuse (long and narrow, 2 prong) Thermal fuse (short and round, 2 prong) The high...
  2. J

    HYE3460AYW Maytag dryer not getting power

    Hello, My name is Jake and I was hoping to get some help on an issue that I'm having with my Dryer. I currently have a Maytag HYE3460AYW. I'm not sure how old it is bc it is my landlord's and not my own. They dryer had been running fine, with the lint filter cleaned after every use. My...
  3. D

    665.13152K701 Sears Kenmore will not heat the water.

    Our Sears Kenmore Elite will go through all of the cycles normally with no error codes, but it does not heat the water, when it gets to the dry cycle the element heats up and dries the dishes fine. We changed the High Limit Thermostat and it did not solve the problem. Is it correct to assume...
  4. F

    Frigidaire Dryer GLER341AS1 - scraping sound and the dryer wouldn't hear after that

    I have had this dryer for about 6 years and it has been amazing, no problems. The other night I heard a scraping sound and the dryer wouldn't hear after that. I took it apart and noticed the heating coil (element) had broken into many pieces. I ordered a new coil and a new thermal fuse as I read...

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