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    Frigidaire Microwave fuse blows opening door during operation, play in door hinge?

    Hi, y'all. The fuse blew recently and I followed a few threads here and just replaced the door switches. Previously I only got a new fuse to see if I could narrow what was going on and intermittently, when I would close the door, the light and fan would come on without the magnetron running and...
  2. C

    SHPM65Z55N/20 Confirming damage on door hinge

    Based on these two photos, would someone mind confirming that the right-side of the door looks damaged? Here's the other side for comparison:
  3. F

    Thermador SEC301BB/03 Squeaky hinges and door won't close

    Squeaky hinges and door won't close. The OEM part is nla. However, even though most sites say it's a Bosch part, I know it is not. Nuova Star SPA, Italy. 900001143, but I'm looking for the part equal on the Whirlpool parts site and can't find a cross ref. The Bosch "OEM" part number is...
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    FIXED Thermador T30IR800SP hinge needs a "banking pin"?

    We have a Thermador T30IR800SP and we recently replaced the oven next to it. And now we have to be concerned about the huge handle the new oven has possibly impacting the fridge, literally. It gets within about 1/4" now which is a bit uncomfortable if someone were to throw the fridge door open...
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    Bosch HMC80251UC/01 Microwave Spring/Hinge Broke

    I have a Bosch HMC80251UC/01 and the right spring/hinge broke. I called Bosch and they don't have that part. They only sell the entire door. Does somebody know the part number for that spring/hinge? Also are there any instructions on how to replace it. I searched youtube but there isn't really...
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    1957 Tappan Cooktop & Custom Oven Problems

    Model Number: EOYL-5-1 Brand: Tappan Age: More than 10 years Both cooktop and oven have issues. The oven has problems with the hinges one was never on a roller when I bought my house the other just lost the roller it popped out and I have but this makes it difficult to close the door. The...
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    FDB1450CHC2 Frigidaire Dishwasher Door Hangs / Sags - Springs Have Been Replaced

    After 8 years of use, my dishwasher door has started to sag when the dish rack is pulled out. I replaced the springs as the left side spring was quite stretched. While this did improve the door position when there is no weight on the door, it did not correct the issue where the door sags...
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    RSG257AARS Broken cam hinge riser

    The freezer door started making the knocking sounds when I open it, so I isolated the problem to the cracked cam hinge riser (or whatever this part's name is): Questions: (1) Which part(s) do I need (and do I need more than one part, since I'm not sure what caused the riser to crack)? And (2)...
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    RF263BEAESR Samsung French door hinge problem

    Hi All, I have a problem with the hinge on my Samsung french door freezer. The hinge is not staying in the closed position when the door is open so when closing both doors I have to close the left door first or the hinge collides with the right hand door. I have seen a video of a spring...
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    ZIS48NCA GE Monogram Refrigerator Sagging Door

    Hi All: Newbie here looking for assistance from those more experienced on a sagging fresh food door of a 10+ year old 48" Monogram refrigerator. I posted images below showing the problem. Note the misaligned doors and the gaps at the tops/bottoms of the doors. I also posted an image of the...
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    Hotpoint oven door won't stay open

    When I use the oven on my Hotpoint range, the door won't stay all the way open. After a few nice burns, I've decided repair it might be a better choice. The door opens and stays at the broiler position. At the full open position it will not hold open. I looked at the hinges and they appear...
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    Hinge noise and friction: door doesn't close itself

    Refrigerator side door doesn't close like it used to. Requires a push to make sure it goes closed. I hear more noise from the bottom hinge than there used to be. There are black grindings on floor under the lower hinge that look like a plastic material. Since I'm seeing black crumbled pieces I...
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    Jenn-Air PRG4810 pulled out oven door hinge

    I have a Jenn-Air PRG4810. I attempted to move the range by pulling on the large oven door and popped out the right hinge. How do I put it back? It appears that I have the top part of the hinge put back in place but I cannot get the notch on the bottom part of the hinge close enough to catch...
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    Kenmore Gas Range (Electrolux) Hinge Problem

    I have seen the many posts on hinge problems with Kenmore gas ranges. I have a similar situation, the door doesn't completely close leading to a gas smell and a loss of heat from the oven. Searching for my model number, I am unable to find anything close. Do I have the same hinge problem...
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    Kenmore 51650 Upright Freezer Door adjustment

    Hi guys, I have an old Kenmore upright freezer - model # 51650A - 107Kwh energy efficient; these are all the numbers I can find for this freezer, checking at the foot plate on the appliance tag it states model # 51650OK type XE0085. My problem started when this freezer defrosted itself and...

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