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    KUDS01ILBT1 - Top shelf not cleaning

    Hey all, New here, apologies if this was already posted... but I'm going in circles! Last week, I noticed my top rack dishes were not getting cleaned. I checked the spray arms and they are not clogged (at least not obvious, water is dripping out when I manually spin). Yesterday, I learned...
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    Samsung Top Load WA48H7400AW/A2 No Hot Water

    Hello - We've been having issues with our Top Load Samsung Washer - WA48H7400AW/A2. I've done a ton of research here, but after trying everything suggested we're still having issues. Basically we're not getting Hot water into the machine even though shoes are correct, no kinks. etc. We've...
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    665.13152K701 Sears Kenmore will not heat the water.

    Our Sears Kenmore Elite will go through all of the cycles normally with no error codes, but it does not heat the water, when it gets to the dry cycle the element heats up and dries the dishes fine. We changed the High Limit Thermostat and it did not solve the problem. Is it correct to assume...
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    Periodic rattling sound when dishwasher is turned on

    When I first turn on the dishwasher there is often a rattling sound like a pipe rapidly vibrating. If I run some hot water in the adjacent kitchen sink this rattling will diminish and sometimes even go away. This rattling sound also occurs occasionally later in the dish washing cycle. Attached...
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    Sink-top hot water dispenser stopped working

    We have a "no-name" brand sink-top hot water dispenser that is about 17 years old. It has a chronic issue. It works fine for several weeks at a time. Then suddenly, it will get so hot that water and steam begins to erupt out of the faucet. If we don't stop this by turning down the thermostat...

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