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    GE portable ac APFO06JASWG1 not cold

    Turns on and here compressor start and run but not cold and no heat at exhaust. Have it turned to 61 F.
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    Water issues - Doing laundry with cold water only and do not need the hot water.

    Doing laundry with cold water only and do not need the hot water. I've disconnected the hot water hose from the hot water supply and wanting to use only the cold water inlet. when I start the washer, water comes out of the hot water side. Do I need to cap off the hot water inlet?
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    Frigidaire Gallery Electric Dryer GLER331AS2 timer wiring help/plus issues with to much heat/burned up element /scorched clothes. Please help

    My dryer wasn't heating well. It was taking around 2 and a half cycles on high, timed dry to get our clothes dry. So I took the front off, took out the drum and stated cleaning out lint. Unfortunately the top that was propt against the wall fell back behind the dryer. This pulled all the...
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    Whirlpool electric range YWFE550S0HZ front edge scorching hot when using oven

    Hi folks, I bought a Whirlpool YWFE550S0HZ and have found that the front edge of the cooktop gets scorching hot when using the oven. If you didn't know it heats up you could easily burn yourself. I have contacted Whirlpool and they said it is normal for this range, they "do their best" to...
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    Frigidaire Washer FAFW3001LW that only does cold

    I have a front-load FAFW3001LW that only does cold water regardless of weather it's set to Hot, Warm or Cold cycle. I have verified that the hoses are good and the tap is providing hot water. Any thoughts? J
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    FIXED Whirlpool ED5FVGXVS00 freezer and fridge stopped cooling. Compressor very hot, capacitor clicking frequently

    Hello everyone, The previous homeowners left us a Whirlpool ED5FVGXVS00. The fridge is basic but runs very well. The other day new filters came in the mail. The next day after changing one, the freezer stopped cooling. I opened the back yesterday and noticed that there is a clicking sound...
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    FFUS2613LS4 Frigidaire side-by-side gradually became incompetent at cooling in both compartments

    Hi, Fridge is 7 years old and the only work done on it was a Control Panel replacement in 2016 by an amateur (me) because the fridge wouldn't turn on at all. Began noticing improper cooling symptoms since 2018 whenever there was a lot of heat in kitchen for example lot of cooking. Control...
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    Whirlpool model #ED5VHGXML13 hot between fridge and freezer

    Hello, I have a whirlpool model #ED5VHGXML13 side by side refrigerator that we recently noticed is getting quite hot between the fridge and freezer. A quick google search told us to check the condensing coils to be sure that they're clean, and if they are clean, then it might be a problem with...
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    GE Monogram refrigerator ZISS360NRSS compressor running hot

    I have a GE monogram fridge that has a compressor that runs very hot. Too hot to touch more than about 5 seconds. But it's definitely running, so not triggering the overheat protection. I inspected the condensor fan, and it is running. The frame in between the 2 compartments is warm, not hot...
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    FAD704DWD Frigidaire 70 pt. dehumidifier

    Originally the unit was making a noise when turned off. I found a bad relay and ended up replacing the power/relay board. I also replaced the run capacitor as well. It now runs and removes water from the air. While I have the back off i found that the compressor now runs very hot. I cannot...
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    Jenn-Air JFC2089HES Freezer not cooling

    Hello, The temperature of both the fridge and freezer were getting lower and lower. Technician came and replaced the Compressor Start Device and Capacitor. Fridge is now working fine but the freezer won't cool down enough. (Stuck at 7F/-14C). It seems the compressor is never stopping as...
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    FIXED HBL3450UC Bosch Oven Gets way to hot

    My Bosch oven (HBL3450UC) is burning everything I put in it. I first noticed it when I burned a pizza in about 8 minutes on 350 without a preheat. I can put the temperature setting on something less than 200 and boil water. Occasionally I get the error message e115.
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    Danyby Wine Cooler Compressor Very, Very Hot

    13-year old cooler no longer cools. Thermostat OK. With power on, cannot hear compressor, or feel any vibration, but compressor gets so hot that it cannot be touched. The lines leading to the compressor also get hot. When I first turn the compressor on, after it has cooled off, I can talk...
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    Maytag dryer repaired, but feels hot

    Howdy, all. New to the forum, so be nice! :) Maytag dryer: HYE2460AYW Problem: My Maytag dryer seems too hot to touch in parts of the upper left above the coil. Only a small area feels hot. Most of the top feels normal. I'm not sure what the baseline normal is. So, i'm not sure if this is an...
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    LSE7800 Motor doesn't start by itself, heater on, buzzer non-stop

    This is an "over and under" washer-dryer combo. When I put a load of clothes in this dryer, closed the door, turned the timer dial and pushed the Start button nothing happened. Or so I thought. Then I noticed a humming sound, and when I opened up the door I felt hot air inside. This is what I...
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    [FIXED] Whirlpool Side by Side Hot Divider and Whining

    I have a Whirlpool side by side that recently had a couple problems that I'm assuming are related. The ice maker temporarily stopped making ice. I thought that maybe some condensation had collected and frozen the mechanism closed so that it couldn't flip ice out. I got rid of what looked to...
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    FIXED LEA30AW delicate heat issue

    Jake, it appears that the dryer is now working at the same temperature on 'delicate' as it does on normal dry. It is no longer delicate. Can you suggest what the problem may be? Thanks..Len
  18. J

    Maytag Neptune - Too Hot!

    MDE4000AYW Always runs at what I assume is maximum heat, except on "Air Fluff". Even on UltraCare setting. Temp: 150 degrees at vent on any heat setting (delicate-regular, ultra care) Air Fluff = No heat Vent is clear. Continuity Tests: L150-15F thermostat - 0.5ohm between two outside...

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