1. D

    Vintage Hotpoint fridge

    I need help figuring what year this thing is and maybe also whats its worth...
  2. B

    Hotpoint Refrigerator wiring CE-24-G16

    Looking for a little wiring help with my project. I understand most of RICKGBURTON's diagram that I've attached my first question is (1) does it matter which wire goes to neutral from the relay, (2) on the R1 relay the single wire goes to the hot wire? (3) based on the ID plate can anyone tell...
  3. T

    Vintage Pink Hotpoint Oven - temperature stopped being consistent

    This oven came with our house when we purchased it a few years ago. I had been working perfectly until last year. The temperature stopped being consistent, and we’re suspecting the temp probe inside needs to be replaced. From the oven info stamped on the seam (see attached photo) we haven’t been...
  4. D

    1949 Hotpoint Fridge

    Hello, I got this fridge that I believe is 1950s. The lady I got it from took it apart and never put it back together. She said it works perfectly before the tear down for new paint. I am trying to reconnect all the wires was hoping someone on here could help me with this. Pictures are attached...
  5. R

    Hotpoint oven WS820H-1 thermostat

    Hay everyone I've got a 1980's Hotpoint model:WS820H-1 Serial # AA 151430 Wall oven with a burned out thermostat assembly and am hunting for a replacement. Oven has self clean function and food temp probe.
  6. C

    Hotpoint oven heating element replacement - plug style?

    My wife is an avid baker, and this Thanksgiving we pushed our old oven to its breaking point. The heating element burned clean through. I removed the old element and see that it has a plug, not the standard connectors I've seen in many replacement heating elements. Can this kind of element be...
  7. H

    1950-ish Hotpoint Combination Fridge Help

    Hello, I acquired a nonworking Hotpoint fridge and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. It came with my house. I love it for the vintage look, but wondering if it's worth it to hire someone to repair. Ideally, I'd love to keep it and use it as a back up fridge and drink fridge. I suspect...
  8. T

    1939 Hotpoint Refrigerator model CE-2-B16

    Needing to replace wiring on 1939 Hotpoint Refrigerator. Cat No 320EC640, Model # (?) CE-2-B16 Would like to try keeping original parts (relay & condenser motor) if somehow can obtain a diagram of how wiring is placed within the condenser fan motor (5K51AL1). If original parts are recommended...
  9. D

    1920s Hotpoint RA65 Element

    I recently purchased a 1920s Hotpoint RA65 electric range and my son is in the process of rewiring it. However, the "thrift cooker" element (the well where the aluminum pot sits down in) broke when he was trying to remove it. Does anyone know where I could possibly get another one of these or...
  10. A

    FIXED 1960s GE Hotpoint wall oven heating element

    I have a 1960s Hotpoint wall oven and the heating element is broken (cracked). I haven't been able to track down a replacement- any help appreciated! The model number is hard to read but I think I have it right at pv0018503, the cat no. looks like 10RJ65C. Dimensions of the current element are...
  11. C

    HSS25IFMCWW How much flow is supposed to come out of the water inlet on a HotPoint Ice Maker?

    I unplugged my ice maker in a HotPoint refrigerator's freezer to see what I can figure out about it producing low amounts of ice. It freezes solid ice but it is so slow that it can't keep up with my family's demand and it used to just fine. After I cleaned it up and reconnected it, the water...
  12. T

    GE Dishwasher Stopped Working

    Hi All, My dishwasher stopped working, and I am going through the troubleshooting process, for the first time – my wife is deathly scared that we'll have to start washing dishes by hand. I took apart the control panel and tested both switches with my Fluke multimeter, and they both tested ok...
  13. B

    Hotpoint NVLR223GG7WW Loud Squealing during operation

    I am trying to understand what is causing the loud squealing heard while my dryer is operating, and what steps to take for repair. Video is listed at Thank you for your help!
  14. M

    LTB 4M116 Dishwasher with no screen but error lights

    Hi Guys, Any help much appreciated. Dishwasher doesn't have a screen just buttons and lights. It seems to wash stuff ok, but after about an hour (approx) i get a flashing ON/OFF button with all four programme lights on (not flashing) I know there are F numbers for error codes but i have no...
  15. P

    NVL333EB6CC Hotpoint Drum won't lift out

    I'm trying to remove the drum to replace a noisy bearing, but after loosening the belt, the drum will not pull out. I've removed the 3 screws in the back of the drum and pulled it out that way, but the plate is still stuck on the bearing. Any thoughts?
  16. T

    HPS15BTHCRBB Hotpoint freezer temp fluctuation refrigerator good

    I don't know if this is a real concern but I wanted to ask somebody about our Hotpoint refrigerator/freezer. The bottom refrigerator keeps temps between 33-35F sometimes gets frost on the items directly beneath air blower from freezer. But my concern is for the freezer temperatures. When the the...
  17. L

    VBXR1090DBWW Hotpoint Washer Intermittent Drain. Have to turn off and on to drain.

    My Hotpoint washer doesn't drain completely in either cycle. It drains about half way and then stops. I have to turn off the washer and wait 3-4 minutes and then pull the knob to restart drain cycle. It drains for about 10 seconds and then stops again. This continues until it has completely...
  18. W

    Identifying an old Hotpoint Oven (so I can fix the timer and clock)

    Hi! I'm new here and have an old Hotpoint wall oven that works (and looks) great, aside from the clock/timer. I'm trying to track down a manual for it, but that is proving difficult. It says it's Cat. No. 10RJ10 with Serial No. 9892025, but I can't find anything on that at all. My guess from...
  19. J

    RGB530DEP2WW Oven randomly turns itself on and off. Knob sometimes makes faint buzzing sound.

    So our oven turns itself on for about 20 seconds then shuts off. This happens at random times throughout the day and night. Another issue when everything is supposed to be off you can hear a very faint buzz sound behind the temperature control knob. You have to lightly touch the knob to make it...
  20. T

    Hotpoint Fridge Freezer not cooling

    Hi everyone. I have a Hotpoint Fridge Freezer FF7190AEX. Basically, the freezer section isn't cooling so no cold air is going from the freezer to the fridge. The fan is still working. I have had the appliance switched off whilst I went on holiday, in case it needed defrosting. Upon my return...

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