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    HTWP1400FWW Hotpoint washer won't agitate; occasionally spins; leaks??

    Hi, I have a Hotpoint washer, almost two years old. Used pretty heavily. It won't agitate (squeaks like an injured dog), only spins when it feels like it, and there's water underneath the drum, leaking onto the floor. I took the laundry out, took the front cover off, and ran it (empty) on the...
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    Dishwasher not draining or cleaning

    I have a hotpoint HDA3600N10WW The water will not empty out of the machine. I flushed & cleaned the machines outbound line. Water will now go through it fine. The machine is still not pushing water out. Can anyone out there help me??? I am not in the position to replace it. Can someone...
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    Hotpoint oven door won't stay open

    When I use the oven on my Hotpoint range, the door won't stay all the way open. After a few nice burns, I've decided repair it might be a better choice. The door opens and stays at the broiler position. At the full open position it will not hold open. I looked at the hinges and they appear...
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    Desperate to figure out these noises...any help is greatly appreciated!

    Hello, I am desperate to figure out these noises that my Hotpoint fridge began making a few weeks ago. The "grunting" loud noise from the freezer is somewhere in the back and is definitely louder when the freeze door is opened. It will happen 1 to 4 times a day, just depends. Then, the...
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    HDA3600D00BB Dishwasher not fully draining - standing water

    Hi, My Hotpoint dishwasher is just over a year old. Yesterday I cleaned out the drain screen/filter and the the float assembly as i had noticed a smell and some mold. Other than that I cleaned it with a little vinegar and baking soda. Afterwards I went to run it and it didn't fully...
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    Vintage late 50's turquoise hotpoint repair HELP!

    :wall:Hello. I'm hoping someone here can help. My 89 year old mother has had this turquoise Hotpoint electric Range since her and my father bought there home in 1962, and to the viewing eye it looks immaculate. But only one of burners work and the oven stopped working about 2 months ago. I told...
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    Hotpoint Freezer won't stop making ice

    I have an old Hotpoint side by side and the ice maker works - but won't stop working. About 6 months ago, the 'stop' paddle which is supposed to tell the icemaker to stop making ice seems to have stopped working. it still moves when the ice tray is removed, but the freezer never gets the...
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    Need help finding parts for 60s Hotpoint electric stove/oven

    Hello. I'm hoping someone here can help. My wife and I purchased an old turquoise Hotpoint electric stove/oven recently. I'd like to get it working so we can use it (obviously). The oven works but only one burner comes on. The burner that does come on only works on high. I did some resistance...
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    FIXED Hotpoint not spinning but agitates, fills, and drains

    Washer just started doing this. It runs through filling, agitate, then drains but no spin. I can see the motor spinning for the agitate. I can hear a click up in the control panel when the spin cycle should be started but nothing happens. Something odd to me is the dial position to start the...
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    Hotpoint Dishwasher no voltage to fill/drain solenoids.

    Noticed the Dishwasher wouldn't drain. As I began to troublshoot it I find that it also won't fill. Ran the dial through multiple 360 degree sweeps. No voltage to drain solenoid and no voltage to fill solenoid. Motor runs but no fill/drain. It'll drain if I mash the plunger on the solenoid...
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    Old HotPoint not draining

    I have a very old Dishwasher, a Hotpoint HDA3420Z00BB. that suddenly just stopped draining, after a cycle when I open the door the bottom is full of water. I check the hose and the trap to see if it was clogged and don't see/feel anything, so I was thinking it might be the pump. but it looks...
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    GE Hotpoint washer need manual to disassemble, how to remove front panel

    As seen from the title, I need to find out how to remove the front panel. I found my washer had drained the water from the load, but apparently did not spin because the clothes were drenched with excess water. I tried to turn it to spin cycle and heard it sound like it was trying to spin, but...
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    Bottom coil failure Hotpoint wall-mount oven

    HI, I cannot see the model number but it is an in-wall electric oven and it appears bottom coil is no longer working. Any ideas on what to try? MODEL IS ACTUALLY RK38 RK38 0J3WH SN HZ500184H KW: 4.3 CODE RK9 Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, guys!
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    Hot Point (GE) side by side refrigerator front dispense panel has no power?

    Hot Point side by side fridge model# HSS25GFPA WW s/n GF268840 Front dispense panel through the freezer door appears to have no power. Only (by default?) dispenses water when paddle is depressed. None of the LEDs light, nor does the dispense light either when the paddle is depressed or when...
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    Stale Smell or Old water smell problem.. help?

    Hey everyone, I live in an apartment this refridgerator came with it.. It just started smelling like this a month ago.. As the title says, it smells like a Stale Smell or Old Water... It makes our food taste like crap.. And food seems to taste like freezer burnt 95% of the time... What do you...
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    Hotpoint side by side is always running

    I have a Hotpoint side by side refrigerator. It is always running. we have replaced the sensors and thermostat, but it is always running. Both fridge and freezer are cold, but it just never shuts off. Not sure what to check or change next. Any suggestions
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    [FIXED] Hotpoint Freezer temperature fluctuates

    I have a Hotpoint HSM25GFTA SA refrigerator. I don't know the exact age, since it was included in the purchase of my home from a bank and I was unable to have a conversation with the previous owner. I'm estimating it is about 3 years old. My problem is that when the ice maker is turned on, the...