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    Brand New GTD42EASJ2WW GE Dryer Doesn’t Work

    Just Bought A Brand New GE Dryer. Hooked It Up A Doesn’t Work. Tried Putting The Old 3 Prong Cords To It And Still Want Work. So I Hooked Up My Old Dryer To See Is It The Wall Outlet. So The Old Dryer Works With New And Old 3 Prong Cord. So I Returned The Dryer And Replaced It With Same Model...
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    1950s/1960s? Kelvinator refrigerator - need help with identifying door latch part

    I have a Kelvinator refrigerator door latch (see pictures) that I am trying to fix, and I am not sure what part I need. I believe it is a small metal piece that screws (there are two screw holes) into the housing of the refrigerator so the door can latch close. Any thoughts on the part and/or...
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    FGHD2465NF1A Frigidaire dishwasher door rope

    On my Frigidaire gallery dishwasher model FGHD2465NF1A the door seems to rest lower then normal. I noticed on the right side when facing the dishwasher there is a rope hanging down. I have read that this rope connects to a spring. How do you replace this and inspect on my dishwasher? Thanks Jerry
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    WFW9150WW02 Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine F8E1 mystery.

    Recently I started getting an F8E1 error message. I've disconnected and cleaned the hoses and blew compressed air in the back of the machine to clear any possible debris out of the intake connections; still I get the error message. While watching the machine it actually seems as though it might...

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