1. D

    FIXED Kenmore 110.26732500 - no spin, loud buzz, drain works

    Hi all, My family has a: Kenmore 70 series Type 111 Model: 110.26732500 Serial: CS4037613 (Appliance411 says this was manufactured in 2005). During the rinse/spin cycle, the drum no longer spins. There is a loud buzzing/grinding/hum noise. It is correctly draining into our utility sink...
  2. E

    KitchenAid Refrigerator Buzz/Hum Noise (KFIV29PCMS03)

    My refrigerator is making a very loud buzzing / humming noise - see video. I can hear it from another room and even from upstairs. The noise is not constant, usually it is totally silent but it will sometimes hum like this for 20+ minutes. The noise seems to be coming from the back of the fridge...
  3. R

    795.72062.112 Kenmore Elite Refrigerator 2013 humming/vibrating

    Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Model 795.72062.112 Year 2013 For about 6 months, the refrigerator hums/vibrates fairly loudly about every 15 minutes for lengths of 5 minutes or so then silence, then repeat. The unit is not touching any walls or counters. If it is a fan issue, would it be the one...
  4. MysteryG

    Kenmore 110.26002010 Loud Hum and Burning Smell

    I have a washer which is 9 years old and has stopped functioning properly. The door will lock and the normal sound of sensing will start but the washer fails to spin - or so it sounds like it fails to spin. I can sometimes get it to begin spinning during the sensing cycle, but it then will...
  5. A

    WGD9600TW1 DRYER HUMS-WON'T START--did diagnostics

    Hi. I'm very much an amateur but the dryer is all taken apart now, so there's no going back! When Start is pressed, you hear a hum and drum doesn't turn, and the dryer doesn't go on. So I suspected the motor. At first I swear I saw a PF code briefly. Some people online say the thermistor can...
  6. M

    Whirlpool LE7000XM not starting

    A couple nights ago the dryer stopped working mid cycle. Pushing the start button did absolutely nothing. I noticed the last couple weeks that the dryer seemed to hum for about 1 second before it started to tumble. I know (knew?) nothing about dryers so, naturally, I unplugged it and started...
  7. B

    FIXED Top Load Kenmore WON'T Agitate, but WILL spin and pump. Motor hums when it should agitate.

    Model number 110.15942401 I've scoured this forum and found issues close to mine, but not exactly. My washer does everything fine (spin, pump, fill, empty) except the agitation cycle. The Sears center told me it was my coupling, however the COUPLING IS FINE. My pump is FINE and not clogged. I...
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