ice arm not rotating

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    Never buying from Samsung again. Beware !

    I have a French door style, with bottom freezer Samsung refrigerator. My ice maker once again has froze up and won’t produce Ice. Ive had it fixed 3 different times since owning this fridge. It’s only a few years old. My ice bin gets so frozen that I cut my finger pretty bad the last time I had...
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    ESS25LSRCSS My Fridge Ice make isn't dispensing

    So when I go to dispense ice, I can hear the door flap open, but no other sounds. The water works fine, and the ice maker works fine. I thought it might be the auger motor, so replaced it. I still have the same result, neither regular or crushed come out. I'm not sure what other piece could...
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    KSRS25IHSS02 Ice maker arm not rotating

    KitchenAid KSRS25IHSS02 Hello , I have posted this same question on a couple of forums so I am sorry if I have offended any one for multiple posts but of I am now feeling like I have exhausted my options for what seems to be a simple problem I just can't get my teeth around. So hopefully some...