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    GI5SVAXVQ00 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Ice dispenser auger freezing up

    The ice dispenser in our refrigerator has stopped dispensing ice. It is making plenty of ice. I pulled it out and it looks like water has dripped into the end of the auger and then froze. When I pulled the tray out some ice had formed under the tray in the back of the compartment in the same...
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    GS6NBEXRS00 Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice auger not working

    The whirlpool refrigerator I have (GS6NBEXRS00) suddenly stopped dispensing ice. I have thawed the ice bucket and the ice maker is still making ice but when a cup is under the dispenser nothing operates. I can still get water to dispense which should rule out the control board, but I am having...
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    FIXED Kenmore elite refrigerator 106.51773510 wont dispense ice

    Elite 106.51773510 auger motor has intermittent power and rarely dispenses ice. Makes ice fine, door opens fine. Replaced motor still same problem. Checked power at motor most times no power.dont see any switch in parts manual just the control board. Still trying to get the front apart to get...
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