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  1. zamboknee

    Frigidaire Refrigerator GLHS68EESB4 Ice Dispenser got really loud

    First it was the water dispenser but was able to fix that with your help, now the ice dispenser has gotten really loud. Any tips on fixing this?
  2. H

    LG Refrigerator LPXS30866D Ice Maker Auger Not Turning

    LPXS30866D 4-door refrigerator. Making ice but not dispensing ice. Water dispenser works fine. Dispenser door open and close properly. The Auger is not turning. I replaced the auger motor(EAU60784231). Same problem. I replaced the whole icemaker assembly(EAU62563503). Same problem. So I...
  3. P

    Frigidaire Refrigerator FGUS2642LF2 Ice auger motor cycles on and off

    The auger motor on my ice dispenser is continually cycling on and off. It runs for a minute or two, turns off for a few minutes, and then repeats. It does turn off when the door is opened. The actuator paddle is functional and I tested the micro switch as well. Then I replaced the dispenser...
  4. M

    Samsung Refrigerator RF26J7500SR - ice maker auger fell out of the ice bucket

    I went to get ice and none came out so I took the ice bucket out and it was full of ice cubes so I scooped them out to put in a bag and the auger fell out as well as a lot of little parts. I can’t figure out how to put it back together and there are no schematics for this that I can find.
  5. F

    Ice build up in ice container Maytag MFI2570FEW01 fridge

    Water leaks into ice container then freezes, prevents auger from delivering ice thru door. Previous threads recommended replacing the ice maker and/or water inlet valve and/or ice maker fill tube. Is there a way to diagnose before throwing parts ($) at this issue? Or advice based on experience...
  6. A

    KSSS36QTB03 Kitchenaid Side by Side Need help wiring the Ice Auger Motor

    Need help wiring a new Ice Auger on a built in Kitchen Aid KSSS36qtb03. Unfortunately the wires are out of the plastic plug part as they are old and broken. I'm including pictures, 4 wires Black, Red, Blue, and Grey. Unfortunately the Auger doesn't seem to be exact fit as far as wiring plug...
  7. G

    FGUS2642LF2 Ice maker auger won't advance ice

    I have a Frigidaie side by side model FGUS2642LF2 with through the door water and ice. The auger will not rotate to dispense ice. When the switch at the dispenser is pushed while in cube mode the door quickly opens and closes but the auger does not advance the ice. I went through the codes and...
  8. R

    ESS25LSRCSS My Fridge Ice make isn't dispensing

    So when I go to dispense ice, I can hear the door flap open, but no other sounds. The water works fine, and the ice maker works fine. I thought it might be the auger motor, so replaced it. I still have the same result, neither regular or crushed come out. I'm not sure what other piece could...
  9. B

    Frigidaire ice auger

    First, thank you for having such a forum. My problem arose when attempting repair of my refrigerator. Initially the problem was that the water supply tube to my icemaker had frozen. I read your forum and determined the problem to be the water valve. I ordered the valve and a replacement...