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    KitchenAid Refrigerator KRFC704FSS00 ice maker not cycling

    Hi, When looking up information to troubleshoot my refrigerator (KitchenAid KRFC704FSS00), I can across this thread : and that specific post had a Control Board...
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    KRFF507HPS02 KitchenAid 3 door refrigerator ice bin icing up.

    New fridge July this year. The ice bin has been slowly building up ice under it. There is about 1/2 inch ice locking the ice bin in so it cant be removed. Any suggestions? I did call problem in and service tech came out and said he has seen this before and is not sure what the problem is...
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    FGHD2368TF5 Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator - ice maker stopped working. Water line into maker is frozen. How do I fix this?

    Hey all, my frigidaire gallery ice maker has stopped working completely. I tore it apart yesterday and broke off any ice I found building inside of it (wasnt much) and found that the water into the maker (black whole inside of fridge above the maker) was frozen. I let it thaw out and we got 6...
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    795.71053.010 Kenmore Refrigerator - My ice bin fell apart. How to re-assemble?

    I took my ice bin out to dump some ice into a bowl and the whole crusher / dispenser assembly fell apart. I guess one of the screws was loose. I have all the parts I just don't know in what order to put all the parts back in and the manual doesn't show how this assembly goes together. Can anyone...
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    FIXED PSH23PSTASV GE Refrigerator - Ice melting in ice bin

    Hi, I have problem that I cannot quite figure out with the GE side-by-side dual-evaporator unit: The ice in the bin keeps melting, however the rest of the freezer is fine. I'm using a data logger to diagnose the problem and so far it look like the evaporator fan is not running as much as it...
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    KSRV22FVMS02 ice bin won't engage

    I've tried turning the stir rod back and forth. But the bin appears to be too high for the two latches to engage. The drive lug screw is tight. The crushing discs appear to be stacked tight. I'm at a loss as to why the bin wont drop down enough to lock in place.

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