ice dispenser

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    Hotpoint HSM25GFRESA/Dispenser Issues

    I called GE today and they told me I need a solenoid, my ice maker works fine, full bin, my dispenser works when it feels like it...same issues as another person in here. Light will dim and nothing will happen no noise...but then if I jiggle the bin SOMETIMES it will work but 90% of the time it...
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    [FIXED] GE Refrigerator makes ice, dispenses water, but won't dispense ice

    I have a GE Side-by-side refrigerator (model: GSS22IFRFWW). Ice is made and water is dispensed, but neither crushed nor cubed ice can be dispensed. When I push in the lever, the motor doesn't start and no noise is made. I've already tried replacing the dispenser panel module on the freezer door...
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    Whirlpool Ice Maker Dispensor Broken

    I have 16 month old Whirlpool ED5JHEXTS00 in stainless. I noticed the ice flapper was not closing well and after reading here I popped off the cover of the dispenser and noticed: The main piece of place plastic (sometimes referred to piece 1) has two tabs that a pin slides though. On the pin...
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