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  1. V

    WRF736SDAM14 Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice maker stopped working strange fill test

    Hello everybody. Thank you so much for this forum, it’s been a great resource over the years. My Whirlpool fridge model WRF736SDAM14 stopped making ice. I’ve followed the instructions here and ran the tests. Everything comes back as normal, EXCEPT the ice maker fill test. From what I...
  2. S

    Kitchen Aid KUIS18PNJB8 Stand Alone Ice Maker - Water Inlet Valve

    I just purchased a house with a Kitchen Aid KUIS18PNJB8 and it needed a new water inlet valve. It had a GE inlet valve "WR57X10033" so I replaced it with the same part twice. It will run for a day or 2 and suddenly the inlet valve is not allowing water to flow. I have recently noticed the actual...
  3. Benjibabies3

    FGHB2866PF4 Frigidaire Refrigerator - Water not going in to ice maker

    The first thing to go wrong in our new home owner journey of 2 weeks has me and my husband stumped. Our Frigidaire Gallery (FGHB2866PF4) ice maker, located in the refrigerator, is not filling with water. The water dispenser on the door works just fine. Where should I start with replacing parts...
  4. J

    Never buying from Samsung again. Beware !

    I have a French door style, with bottom freezer Samsung refrigerator. My ice maker once again has froze up and won’t produce Ice. Ive had it fixed 3 different times since owning this fridge. It’s only a few years old. My ice bin gets so frozen that I cut my finger pretty bad the last time I had...
  5. V


    I was recently looking to buy a refrigerator and stumbled across a good local deal on the Samsung RF28HFEDTSR, but after some digging I found that there was another model, the RF28HFEDBSR that looks the same but has better reviews. My main concern is that the TSR model has many complaints about...
  6. K

    Ice Maker will not stop making Ice

    My ice machine works just fine, in fact it works too well! It will not stop making ice! I know if the arm is up it should shut the ice making off. This used to work perfectly, now it does not. I don't understand how putting the arm up actually shuts the machine off, so I am not sure why it...