ice maker broken

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    FIXED Whirlpool WSF26C3EXF01 Side-by-Side Won't Stop Making Ice After Door Wire Damage & Repair

    Hello, Currently, no matter what is changed the ice maker on our WSF26C3EXF01 will not stop producing ice. This occurred after troubles with several ice related components started and damage to wiring was found and repaired. Here is the progression of things: Originally, everything operated as...
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    FIXED LG LMXS30776S Refrigerator Not Cooling and Ice maker not working

    I have an LG LMXS30776s and the ice maker has stopped cycling through. I can select the reset button and the Ice machine will cycle through and dump the ice. After 4 hours I can select the reset button and the ice will dump. It will not cycle throug on it's own. I took measurements in the...
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    KRFF707ESS00 KitchenAid refrigerator - ice maker quit making ice

    KRFF707ESS00 KitchenAid refrigerator - ice maker quit making ice. The evaporator fan is working and temps in both sections are ok. I suspect the bin level detector or control board at fault. I don’t have a wiring diagram and would like to know which wires to tie together to bypass the ice bin...
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    KBFS25EWMS6 Kitchenaid Refrigerator not producing ice

    No ice production and I haven't heard the ice maker filling water only a thumping noise. My wife noticed a noise coming from the ice maker location the other night so I pulled the refrigerator out from the wall enclosure and did the following: Kitchenaid Refrigerator Model KBFS25EWMS6, Ice...
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    KitchenAid KSF26C6XYY04 Ice maker and auger motor not working

    Hi All, I am looking for some help getting my ice maker working. A few days ago my refrigerator water line froze and my ice maker and water dispenser stopped working. I have since thawed the water line and insulated around it to prevent it from freezing in the future. After I thawed the line...
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    FIXED EW23BC85KS4 Ice maker woes - lighting/power issue following thermistor destruction

    Hello! After some upper/refrigerator ice maker issues (styrofoam pieces dispensing with ice), the thermistor dropped into the ice dispenser and was ripped out. This caused all lighting and internal displays in the refrigerator and freezer to go off, but the cooling, and the exterior display on...
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    FIXED Frigidaire GLRS237ZA Not Dispensing Water Properly

    Hi all, It doesn't appear to me that this problem has already been addressed. We re-built our house and I recently brought our refrigerator back in from outdoor storage where it saw temperatures varying between summer heat down to winter freezing. The water inlet valve broke on the move so I...
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    Ice maker all componets replaced still not working

    I have replaced the ice maker, the water inlet valve, both optic boards, blown out the water line after testing it is strong flow, temp is o, optics test pass, - really what else can be done? I've put so much money and time in this I must be crazy or is this driving me crazy? Voltage measures...
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    Sears Kenmore Coldspot 106.9750610

    We have a old fridge that's been working ok but the ice maker is on the fritz. It just leaks water out and makes a mess of the previous made ice in the white bin. It's a freezer on top. I would just like to permantely turn the ice maker off. Can anyone please advise ?