ice maker functioning

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    CFCP1RKBA SS GE Cafe Refrigerator - Icemaker stopped working

    Hello, This is my first post, thanks for your patience if I don't provide all the information required. We have a 6-7 year old GE Cafe (Model CFCP1RKBA SS) which has been working fine to this point, however the ice maker just stopped working. The ice cubes are not freezing. I've been...
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    FIXED MRT118FFFE04 Refrigerator Ice Maker Doesn't Cycle

    I just installed a modular ice maker (Whirlpool ECKMF95) in my new Maytag refrigerator. The ice maker cycled twice making ice cubes but hasn't cycled in the past 10 hours. My freezer is at 10 degrees F. Water flows to the ice maker. I have 120 volts at test points L-N. If I place a jumper wire...
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    FIXED GSS26C4XXY00 whirlpool not dispensing ice - motor replaced

    Had problems with both ice maker and dispenser. Replaced ice maker and that now works. Dispenser was erratic before and now does not function even though auger motor was replaced. When calling for cubes door does open but no auger motor rotation. Trying to get to control board but not able...