ice maker issue

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    GE Profile Refrigerator PFSS6PKWASS Low to none ice production

    I am having issues with low ice production. I earlier had issues with a bad heater element in the refrigerator. ( Replaced the heating element and now working well). I have ordered a replacement ice maker. Plugged it in and was working well for first 3 cycles. averaged about 2 hours per cycle...
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    Kenmore Elite Model 795.73133.411 ice maker not dumping ice

    My ice maker is not dumping ice into the bin. This is a "french door" model where the freezer is at the bottom and the icemaker is in the left side of the split door of the refrigerator compartment. If I press the test cycle button, the tray rotates and dumps any ice that it contains, returns...
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    FIXED KSCS25INSS01 KitchenAid Refrigerator not dispensing ice.

    I confirmed there is ice in the unit. The fingers are pointing out. I checked the optics - the light is on when the flap is closed. What other diagnostics do I need to do to uncover the problem?
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    KRMF706ESS01 KitchenAid Refrigerator Ice maker not working

    I recently moved to a house that has this fridge and honestly I have been keeping an eye on this fridge for a while because I love how it looks overall, but I never ended buying so I though how lucky I was of move to a house with one on it. Well its been two weeks and I ended finding several...
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    Whirlpool Refrigerator WRV986FDEM00 Both Ice makers stopped making ice

    I have purchased a replacement valve for the interior of the unit. I am still getting water to the door. The water filter was only a couple of months old, but I replaced it just to be sure. I wanted to know if anyone else has ever encountered this issue and what they did to resolve it. I...
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    Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF989SDAH02 ice maker error E5

    The ice maker in my Whirlpool stopped making ice, since I had replaced it a year ago I knew how to check for codes, last time the motor went out. This time it said E5, all I could find was it's the thermistor and I needed to replace the ice maker again, so I did. After I installed it I ran the...
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    FIXED LG Refrigerator LFXS30766S In-door ice maker knocking?

    The in-door ice maker in my LFXS30766S has been making a loud knocking noise lately. The arm that pushes the ice out of the maker and into the bin sometimes rotates freely, but at other time seem to catch for a moment, then push through...creating the knocking sound. When I noticed this sound I...
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    GE GFE28HSHFSS Fridge NOT making ice but water dispenses

    Just picked up a gently used GE GFE28HSHFSS Fridge for $500. Aesthetically it looks good. It has been on and cooling for 26 hours as of 8:30p 1/14/21. The issues I'm aware of so far: Fresh food area (top) is set to 34 degrees (lowest setting) and a thermometer is showing about 42 to 44...
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    GI6FARXXY04 Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator not making ice

    I have a french door whirlpool gold that i can't seem to get to make ice. When i go into diagnostic mode 25 and force the harvest, the water flows in and the ice is kicked out after freezing but then that's it. It doesn't make any more ice after i exit the diagnostic mode. I ensured the ice...
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    KUIC15PLTS1 stand alone ice maker not pumping water from reservoir to ice plate

    Hello helpful people! I have a KitchenAid KUIC15PLTS1 stand alone ice maker that decided to stop making ice. To the best of my knowledge, everything is working aside from the recirculation pump. The unit powers on, fills the reservoir, the drain pump works, the sheet cutters are getting warm...
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    WRS325FDAM04 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Ice maker not dispensing ice through the door

    My Whirlpool ice maker is working fine, but it will not dispense ice through the door. When you press the lever on the door, you can hear the motor running, but ice does not dispense. It will dispense water . I have removed the ice tray and thawed it multiple times and checked to see if there...
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    Kitchen Aid French Door Model #KRFF302ESS ice Maker Question

    I have the above model Kitchen Aid refrigerator/freezer - it has never been hooked up to a water line, neither for the inside water dispenser nor the ice maker in the decision, because if there is ever a leak, I'd have a problem with the apartment below, as well as mine. I also...
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    WRS588FIHZ00 Whirlpool Refrigerator - ice maker not making ice

    So I've read other posts about this same issue however mine is a bit different. The ice maker stopped making ice and I consistently get the same code in the service mode of "2/3" (faulty motor or switch). I found some broken wires at the bottom of the freezer door and fixed those and I also...
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    FGHC2331PF (French door) Refrigerator - ice maker only makes ice when I manually reset it

    We are currently renting and the ice maker on the Frigidaire Gallery (FGHC2331PF) doesn’t produce ice. It WILL produce very small ice and only after I manually reset it each time (hold the off button and the ice maker goes through a cycle). Water is getting into the tray, but little to no ice...
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    106.51133210 Kenmore Refrigerator - Ice Maker on strike.

    Kenmore 106.51133210 - when pressing the front door cup lever-switch, the ice door/flap opens and that's it - nothing physically above that flap does anything (crushers, turning arm, ice-maker itself), then after a few seconds, the door/flap closes. I've verified the on/off switch (is ON). I saw...
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    FPHB2899PF0 Ice Maker Not Working

    I replaced the fresh food ice maker in this in early February due to a cracked ice tray. For about the last week it has not been filling with water or dumping when I have manually filled it. I put it through the test from the service mode last night and the thermistor showed 41 degrees. I was...
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    FGHC2331PF Frigidaire Gallery Ice Maker Inlet Freezing Over

    We have a Frigidaire FGHC2331PF (Serial # 4A64419697) Gallery refrigerator that is ~1.5-2 years old - we're not exactly sure since it was new to the house, but the house had been vacant for ~ 1 year before we purchased it and moved in. About 6 months after moving in to our home last April the...
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    FIXED 106.58966700 No water running to ice maker unit

    My Kenmore 106.58966700 stop making ice. When I checked inside, there is no ice/water in the maker, and there is no water dropping from the black tube above the ice maker unit. How can I check if there is ice frozen in the black tube and blocked water to run through? Thanks