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    WRS342FIAB00 Whirlpool Refrigerator Another Ice Maker Thread

    I have, what seems to me at least, a weird issue with my ice maker. It stopped putting ice in the dispenser early last week. There was ice in the maker, but it wasn’t harvesting it. Did the test by shorting T and H and it still didn’t harvest. From what I read online, that meant the ice maker...
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    FIXED FGHB2866PF9A Ice maker makes Ice, but motor doesnt turn when paddle is pressed.

    Here is a list of things i have tested that can confirm work; Auger motor turns on just fine and spins when in diagnostics mode Removed Ice Bucket and motor still does not start Water works fine when paddle is depressed When ice is selected the paddle makes a sound when depressed and opens, but...
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    FGHC2331PF (French door) Refrigerator - ice maker only makes ice when I manually reset it

    We are currently renting and the ice maker on the Frigidaire Gallery (FGHC2331PF) doesn’t produce ice. It WILL produce very small ice and only after I manually reset it each time (hold the off button and the ice maker goes through a cycle). Water is getting into the tray, but little to no ice...
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    RF23J9011SR Fixed Ice Maker freeze up, now the ice melts and leaks

    Greetings, About a month ago I added the missing tube clips to fix ice maker ice build up and now I have a new problem - the ice seems to be melting inside the ice maker and leaks. This ice "chute" or whatever it is called is wet, there is water on the seal and around it. Any idea what's wrong...
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    FGHB2868TF1 Frigidaire Gallery In-Frig Ice Maker Frozen Solid Behind Tray

    Hello, My ice maker stopped allowing cubed ice. I noticed that the area behind the ice tray was full of ice and blocking the lever to allow cubed ice. After taking it apart, it is clear that the auger motor assembly is a solid block of ice. Any suggestions for how to defrost it and check any...
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    Ice maker flap opening and closing

    Hi. I have a Samsung fridge, model SRF719DLS. As with many, many others have reported, the flap on my ice maker keeps opening and closing. The fridge is less than 6months old... Can anyone tell me how to fix this without having to pull the whole fridge apart. Thanks.
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    FIXED GI6FDRXXB08 Whirlpool Refrigerator - ice maker will not harvest automatically

    First post here, thanks in advance for any help. I've been beating my head off the wall with this one for a couple months. Fridge is a whirlpool french door with the freezer on the bottom, ice and water dispenser in the door. Model: GI6FDRXXB08 A while ago it stopped making ice. Fridge also...
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    FIXED RF28HMEDBSR/AA Samsung Refrigerator - water dispenser trickle and very little ice

    Hello, I recently changed the filter on our Samsung RF28HMEDBSR refrigerator because the red light was on and we were having some ice issues with the ice maker and a generally low pressure flow from the dispenser. I assumed the low flow was caused by an old filter so I ordered a couple of...
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    Icemaker problem with Frigidaire FFHS2611LWB

    Hi folks, I have been having trouble with my Frigidaire ice maker. The unit is not producing ice any more. Water is still coming through the water dispenser. The ne other thing is that the Shutoff arm on the ice maker assembly only comes down to about 30-45 degrees, rather than flush with...
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    FIXED 106.56922600 Kenmore Refrigerator - Ice maker freezes up

    Thanks again for this forum. Has helped me out of at least three deep holes before. re: Kenmore side by side Why would an ice maker freeze up after 9-10 years of trouble free performance in the same spot? Never moved. Now it freezes right up the filler tube/trough between the ice maker and the...
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    Samsung RS265TDBP Refrigerator - No water to ice maker

    Great site, and glad to join and learn with all of you. I have aSamsung side by side RS265TDBP. The ice maker stopped getting water and making ice. So far I have done this: 1. Checked orange feed line from inlet valve to ice maker fiiller tube in freezer door. 2. Put a 110V AC jumper on the...
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    KRSF505ESS Kitchenaid side by side broken wires in freezer door hinge

    I have a KRSF505ESS refrigerator and the ice maker stopped working. Other door functions still work (water dispenser, ice dispenser, lights, diagnostic keypad). I found broken wires (2) at the bottom of the freezer door hinge. I soldered in splices to extend the wire a little and reassembled. I...
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    GBE21DGKWW GE Ice Maker Water Overflow

    I've got a GE (GBE21DGKWW) that I purchased as "Ice Maker Ready" two years ago. Finally got around purchasing the ice maker (IM4D) for it and I haven't had any luck with it. The valve does not close so water does not stop running to the ice maker. I have already replaced the ice maker because I...
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    RF22K9581SG Samsung Refrigerator Leaking ice maker

    Hello all. I'm just going to jump to it. Ice maker leaks water into the fridge(model RF22K9581SG) . When we open the fridge door, puddles of water. When we get ice, our cup collects water when we first push the ice button. It's as if the seal or little door into the ice maker doesn't close and...
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    KitchenAid KRMF706EBS01 Fridge Leaking from Ice Maker When Using Water Dispenser

    Model Number: KRMF706EBS01 When using the front door water dispenser, the water dispenses just fine. Comes on and off no problems. However, when opening the door after dispensing water, I noticed water leaking from the top inside of the fridge where the ice maker dispenses ice into the...
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    Whirlpool Gold - GSS30C6EYY01 Ice maker stopped working

    Hello. I have a Whirlpool Gold side by side fridge and all of the sudden, the ice maker stopped working. I have done some troubleshooting and I know the ice maker is fine. I poured some water into the mold and frozed and spitted out the ice cubes in a timely matter. I have changed the water...
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    ED5SHAXMQ10 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Replacement Ice Maker Still No Ice

    I have a Whirlpool side by side fridge. A couple of weeks ago, the ice maker overheated, melted the ice and flooded the freezer and subsequently the kitchen floor. We have since replaced the ice maker enitrely and it still won't make ice. The optics appear to be working fine. I primed the ice...
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    FGHS2631PF4A Frigidaire Refrigerator - To much ice

    My ice maker just makes to much ice. I constantly get ice overflowing in my freezer. Is there a sensor I can adjust so that not as much is produced? I believe the bar going across is what tells it to stop. Not sure if there is a way fix it there.
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    795.72063 Kenmore Elite refrig ice maker jamming - refill water squirting all over

    I have a Kenmore Elite refrigerator with the bottom door freezer and ice maker in the door of the top left side. We were experiencing leaks and ice jams. The ice in the ice holder was constantly clumped together and ice would not dispense. When I took the ice holder out, the chute was clogged...
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    FIXED LMXS30776S LG Refrigerator - not dropping ice

    Hi there! My fridge isn't dropping the ice. I read the manual (from this thread) and tested the optical sensors and found that they are not working correctly. The manual didn't offer additional repair options so is my only option to replace the entire ice maker or is there a way to diagnose...