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    LFXC24726S/03 LG Fridge Ice Box Room Issues

    LG Refrigerator, french door, Model # LFXC24726S/03. Serial #: 702KRUC2B878. Manufactured in 2017. This biggest problem was that water came out of the door dispenser without stopping. I replaced the inlet water valve and dispenser microswitch. Now that issue is resolved. The issue that is...
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    FIXED GE Profile French Door Fridge PYE22KSKKSS how do enter diagnostic mode

    How do I enter diagnostic mode for GE Profile French Door Fridge PYE22KSKKSS model.? Serial number is VL529696. I have not been able to locate technical bulletin or service manual. My ice maker isn't working and would like to execute the cycle tests.
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    Electrolux ICON Designer E23CS75DSS5 water pressure low & ice maker not working

    I have an Electrolux ICON Designer E23CS75DSS5 the water pressure is very low coming out of the dispenser and the ice maker stopped functioning. I am wondering if the water inlet valve could be bad? Added complete model number
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    Frigidaire PHS39EJSS ice maker not working

    Hello, The ice maker in my refrigerator stopped working. We had a leak in water supply so we had to close the line but did not turn off the ice maker prior. After fixing the leak, we realized the ice maker is not making any ice. Please, help! Thank you.
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    Amana TR25S5W ice maker low/no voltage

    I have an old (1990's?) Amana TR25S5W Freezer/Fridge (top/bottom) with ice maker. The ice maker stopped making ice suddenly, and I suspected the water valve/solenoid (which I replaced once before 15 yrs ago). It actually turns out the ice making assembly was initially getting low votage (~30V...
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    FIXED Frigidaire FG4H2272UF not making ice/proper ice

    Model: FG4H2272UF Year : 2019 So we moved into this house a few months ago and dreaded to see a Frigidaire fridge after having nothing but issues in the past. Since we moved we have had issues with the ice maker. To start the ice cubes we all jagged and weird sizes. This appears to be probably...
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    CVE28DP4NBW2 GE Cafe Refrigerator No Ice

    I have a GE Cafe Refrigerator, French style manufactured 2021. Model #: CVE28DP4NBW2 Serial #: FS155995. The original issue was that no ice was being made in the ice maker in the door. GE was called and they said they don't service the area. During the diagnostics service mode the error...
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    LG LFXC22526S bottom freezer ice maker - not dumping ice & overfilling ice tray

    Hi all, I have an LG LFXC22526S fridge that we have had for around 3 1/2 years, and has worked great until now. Our bottom freezer ice maker (not the upper door one, just replaced that for a different issue!) over the last few months has started a process where it will make a few batches of ice...
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    Frigidaire Gallery LGHS2644KM0 not crushing ice

    hi yall i'm in another fight with my fridge. will dispense only cube ice, even when crushed is selected. i replaced the ice crusher housing because the door was broken (common issue i hear). the new door seems to open and close freely with the actuator rod. still no crushed ice. so i...
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    Whirlpool Refrigerator WSF26C3EXF01 issues

    helped a friend look at their freezer last night.... from what I can tell there are 2 issues I could use pointers on.... 1 - Ice maker makes ice but doesn't dispense. I took a few things apart looking - once the ice maker is empty and out of the door - the auger (inside the ice bucket spins...
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    LG LFX25978ST not filling ice tray

    I have replaced both water valves, water filter and the ice maker itself as well but I am not getting any water to the icemaker. The valve gets power but only for about 1-2 sec. Also the line is clear from the second valve to the icemaker. No issue with water dispenser either Thanks
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    Kitchenaid model KSSC48QMS00 icemaker not working

    My Ice Level Optics Control Board Kit tests OK (blinking LED with flapper door open duplicating an open freezer door, solid LED with flapper door closed duplicating a closed freezer door) so long as the freezer door is open/light on. When I press the door switch duplicating a closed freezer...
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    FIXED Samsung RF260BEAEBCIAA ice maker not working

    I just replaced the ice maker, reset it and the refrigerator and still won’t produce ice. There is water pressure too. Any ideas?
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    FIXED GE GWE19JMLGFES When I use the water dispenser it also pours water into the icemaker causing overflows as well.

    When I use the water dispenser it also pours water into the icemaker causing overflows as well. I have heard of a water valve diode but not sure if this model has one as well?
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    Accessing/Clearing Frozen Waterline for In-Door Ice Maker WSF26C3EXF01

    Hi, The ice maker in my Whirlpool side-by-side is no longer producing ice, and after taking it apart and doing what I can, I'm 99% sure the issue is a significant blockage in the waterline somewhere in the freezer door. As I've tried to fix it, I've noticed the following: -There is ice...
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    Whirlpool ice makers interchangeable?

    Hi new to the forum so please be kind I have a Whirlpool ET1CHEXSQ01 20 cubic foot freezer on top refrigerator with a 626636 ice maker. It's an older refrigerator but the ice maker is only a few years old. I have just purchased a WRT311FZDW which is nothing more then the updated version of the...
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    GI5SVAXVQ00 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Ice dispenser auger freezing up

    The ice dispenser in our refrigerator has stopped dispensing ice. It is making plenty of ice. I pulled it out and it looks like water has dripped into the end of the auger and then froze. When I pulled the tray out some ice had formed under the tray in the back of the compartment in the same...
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    KRFF507HPS00 KitchenAid Refrigerator - ice maker issues

    Hi! Big fan of this board, as it's help me troubleshoot before. But having a new issue with my ice maker for the kitchenaid KRFF507HPS00! I have run every diagnostic test and can't seem to find the problem. The ice maker will fill with water when I run the test, it will freeze, and then it...
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    Samsung Refrigerator RF28JBEDBSR/AA Ice Maker Options

    Hello Everyone, I have a Samsung RF28JBEDBSR/AA. My refrigerator is about 8 years old and recently the ice maker has started freezing up. I have thawed it a couple times, but it ices right within a couple days. I can still make ice, but it is very slow and eventually stops. I did a parts...
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    WRS571CIDM01 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Ice Maker Not Working

    About a week ago, it seems that my ice maker just started to not fill and dispense ice. Ran diagnostic 44 and 45 and was able to successfully fill the tray, then harvest once the water was frozen. Also visually confirmed that the tray would move to home position and also turn when dispensing. I...
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