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    106.70172990 Ice maker not filling

    My ice maker does not fill with water. I have replaced to inlet pump and ensured that it pumps water to the ice maker by jumping it. I tried replacing the ice maker, with a model that stated it was compatible. I have power to the unit and can force it to cycle, but will not activate inlet pump...
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    KitchenAid Refrigerator [KRFC704FPS03] Not Producing Ice

    Hello All, The other day noticed the ice maker was not producing any ice, and the dispenser was actually full of water. Feeling inside the in-door ice compartment doesn't feel cold. No other issues besides this. Ran diagnostics and this is what I'm getting: 14 - 57 16 - 55 17 - OP 31 - 55 65...
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    Kenmore Ice Machine not working

    I have recently bought a house with a refrigerator that is not producing ice. I am trying to ID what is going on it with, but am a bit stumped. The first issue is that I am not positive on the model of the refrigerator, so that will make the process of finding parts for this issue difficult...
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    grfc2353af french door ice maker (top unit) noise

    I have builder installed new refrigator. I noticed a noise from top ice makers. I have warranty, I did contact and they replaced the evaporator fan twice. so when they fix it, it runs so smooth for 1-2 days and then noise come back. They told I should expect noise, I checked with equipment and...
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    RF28R7201SG ice maker buzzing noise -- what if I don't use it?

    Sounds like Samsung refrigerators have this motor-buzzing sound from the ice maker quite often. I looked at this thread and the various videos/descriptions on there all showed exactly what I have: a low buzzing noise that sounds like a motor that mostly runs but not always...
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    Ice Maker Slow To Produce Ice

    I have an LG LFXC24726S /02 French Door unit. I just recently replaced both the water inlet valve, the door water valve and unclogged the fridge/freezer drain hoses which were stuck and causing water/ice build up. We had issues with low pressure on the water dispenser although ice...
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    Whirlpool WRF535SMBM0O freezer ice maker not working, ice came out once then not again?

    Ice maker inside freezer has not worked, dropped ice last night then stopped again?
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    GE Model GDE21EMKARES Ice Maker Not Working

    I have a GE Model GDE21EMKARES with a bottom drawer freezer. My ice maker recently stopped working. I left the refrigerator unplugged while on vacation for a week and when I came back, plugged it in and it made one batch of ice and nothing more, which seems to be pretty common. After a week, it...
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    Thermador Freezer not making ice

    My client has a newer Thermador Refrigerator model T36BT920NS/19 It is just out of warranty and Thermador does not want to help. During the warranty period they sent a repairman out to replace a part to make the ice-maker work again. They did this twice, each time the part lasted exactly one...
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    Wrf993FIFM00 door ice not getting cold air

    Previously upon opening the left door you could feel cold air blowing out vents in the side of the fridge that channel into the ice compartment. Now no air is being blown and further the vents actually feel warm to the touch. Both the fridge and freezer are cooling normally. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Kenmore elite 79578353802 ice maker/water dispenser not working

    hello, the dispenser microswitch ohms out to be functional but the dispenser light, water or ice does not work. The dispenser light works independent of the dispenser switch but no ice is made and no water dispenses. I would greatly appreciate some diagnostic guidance
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    Door to cover ice maker opening?

    Hello, Our Maytag side by side has a ice maker and water dispenser in the door and occasionally drops an ice cube on the floor. My wife has slipped on the puddles twice now and hurt herself. Does anyone make a lift up door that would cover the opening and catch the ice cubes before they hit the...
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    Hello hopefully someone can assist me. Our ice maker was making a crazy noise so I started checking for frozen ice. There was actually a piece where the gears are for the dump mechanism and feeler bar attach. I got it out and hooked everything back up and now tray won't turn over fully. I'm...
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    GS2SHAXMS00 Refrigerator Randomly Shuts Off When Water Used

    I bought my condo in 2019. It has what appears to be the original refrigerator that came with the unit when it was built new in 2003. Today, that puts the refrigerator at 20 years old which is amazing! The one problem I have, which I have had since I moved in 2019, is that whenever I use the...
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    LMXS30776S-00 is not harvesting ice; tray fills and freezes; test button works ok

    The ice tray is filling okay and (as far as I can tell) freezes ok. The tray dumps ice using the Test Button. The Service Manual states different requirements: Ice compartment temp must be below 0F, below 10F; below 20F; below 1F. So typical of manuals from offshore; why they do now have N...
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    Whirlpool Refrigerator WRS571CIDM01 ice maker won't initiate new production

    Hi all, I have reviewed several other threads that are helpful in finding the service procedures and schematics. I have performed all of the service procedures 44, 45, 47, and 48. They all perform as expected and passed. I can make ice successfully by using the procedures to actuate the ice...
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    ZISS480DPSS GE Monogram Ice Maker Technical Manual

    I am seeking a technical and/or training manual for the factory ice maker in a Monogram ZISS480DPSS 48" built-in fridge. On another thread, a person posted a link to a "Technical Service Guide" dated year 2000 for a GE "Electronic Ice Maker". The document described an ice maker very similar...
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    FIXED ABC2037DES Amana Refrigerator ice maker not working

    the ohm reading across the motor was between 7 and 8Kohms so i think the motor is good. after re-supplying power i found no voltage at L and N. waited about an hour and came back later to find that the motor at some point rotated 90 degrees, tested between L and N and again no voltage. so i'm...
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    Samsung Refrigerator RF27T5241SR/AA ice maker issues

    Bought this side-by side, bottom freezer, dual ice maker refrigerator in early '21. Had a tech out back in October '22 to fix an issue with the upper ice maker. It was basically freezing up. Lots of condensation forming under ice maker, then freezing, then it would push the tray out a bit...
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    KUIX505ESS1 KitchenAid Stand Alone Ice Maker not cutting ice

    So I'm back again. My ice maker got a new water valve last year thanks to this board, and its been working great until this weekend, when it suddenly stopped cutting the ice. Now this post is premature because I haven't run diagnostics yet and/or done any electric readings (not that I know...

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