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    Replacement Ice Maker Whirlpool GS2SHAXLT01

    I am not getting any water to the ice maker in the GS2SHAXLT01. There does not appear to be frozen water on the black plastic outlet above the ice maker or in the rear of the refrigerator. I can purchase a new 4317943 ice maker for not much money on line. Whirlpool hotline tells me they only...
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    Freezer flooded and now ice maker not working

    Last week I put groceries in my freezer and went upstairs. About 30 minutes later I came back down to find a large puddle in front of my freezer ( I have a side by side Conquest GS6SHA). I then opened the freezer door to have water come gushing out at me. The entire freezer looked like someone...
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    Kenmore 106.56662500 Ice Maker

    18 month old frig stopped making ice. Changed filter. Waited 2 days no ice. Ran diagnostics. 5 sec continuous LED. Jumpered the solenoid. Solenoid works and water runs. Tines are at 12 oclock now but were at 10 oclock before the component diagnostics. Last time I changed the filter it took 2...