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    FIXED Whirlpool ED5GVEXVD00 side by side ice maker wiring help

    So recently the ice maker in my whirlpool model# ED5GVEXVD00 side by side refrigerator stopped working. I ordered a replacement part, hooked it up last night however still had no ice which means I need to try & replace the wiring harness. I thought it plugged right into the inside wall of the...
  2. N

    WSF26C3EFX01 Need help troubleshooting ice maker

    Good morning, I'm trying to troubleshoot the icemaker on my Whirpool side by side refrigerator / freezer. I've watched some of the Whirlpool troubleshooting videos but haven't found one for my model. In short: - ice production has never been amazing on this machine, as my water supply comes...
  3. C

    795.74093410 Ice maker over flows

    Ice maker over flows or leaks into and outside holding bin. Ice freezes up - bin gets frozen in place - I've replaced the Refrigerator water inlet valve Parts #: AJU72992603 Ice maker still leaking water. Any suggestions?
  4. N

    WRS325FDAM01 Whirlpool fridge dispenser is backwards

    Bought on reduce tag from Home Depot. Everything else works and is cold, but when I press the water button, it shoots water to the ice maker. When I press the ice button, the crank turns in the ice box, but then I get hit with water from the dispenser. The hoses can't be switched because they...
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    FIXED DGUS2645LF2 Ice thru door

    First, let me say this ice maker sucks. It has too far travel for the ice in door dispenser lever and it DUMPS ice. It's almost inevitable that you get ice all over the floor when using it. Despite that, I want to fix the door ice dispenser since I don't want to lose all of the cold air by...
  6. S

    Ice maker troubleshooting Whirlpool WRF989SDAM

    Ice maker stopped working on Whirlpool WRF989SDAM. Ice maker is the low-profile type that fits in the ceiling...the ice door is only about an inch tall. I'll attach photos. It is not the big one you often see. I believe it is Whirlpool W10498261, which appears to be superseded by...
  7. M

    FGHB2866PF3 Ice Maker not filling

    I was just informed (by the boss) that my ice maker is not producing ice. This model has ice and water in the door. Water at the door is fine. I think the ice make is cycling by the noise. I pulled the cardboard from the rear and now i want to determine which of the many colored solenoids works...
  8. R

    GI6SARXXF01 Whirlpool ice maker leaking water, which then freezes

    Hi all I have a 7-year-old Whirlpool refrigerator (model # GI6SARXXF01) which has recently started leaking water into the ice maker. This water then freezes and prevents me from opening the ice maker (I can open it after I thaw the ice). I've read that the water inlet valve in the...
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    I was recently looking to buy a refrigerator and stumbled across a good local deal on the Samsung RF28HFEDTSR, but after some digging I found that there was another model, the RF28HFEDBSR that looks the same but has better reviews. My main concern is that the TSR model has many complaints about...
  10. T

    TFX25CRY Fridge, auger issues.

    Hey, first off, I’m more an auto mechanic than I am an appliance repair guy or plumber or even carpenter for as far as anything goes. And with that said, here I go.. Have had this fridge 7 years, and finally stopped procrastinating enough to install new feed tube from the water valve in bottom...
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    FIXED GSS30C6EYY01 Whirlpool Gold Icemaker Dead - need advanced troubleshooting steps

    Following a power failure, my icemaker is dead. This is a side by side model with the icemaker in the door and a laser? / IR? emitter / receiver across the top of the ice bin. Known Facts: a) Drinking water dispenser works normally and water filter is reasonably fresh. b) Refrigerator and...
  12. vannooch

    KSRP25QDBL02 Kitchen Aid ice maker.

    Can I still buy an ice maker for a kitchen aid refrigerator manufactured in 1996? The model number is KSRP25QDBL02. Amazon gives me a search result but it doesn't look the same as what is in there.
  13. P

    253.7034241A Coils in "in frig" icemaker freezing solid

    Unit stopped making ice. Ruled out inlet valve (checked continuity at least...), water pressure, frozen fill tube (actually blew through it from back to confirm no obstruction), then as I had everything removed I noticed some ice through the cover plate for the whole cooling assembly against the...
  14. Z

    GLHS68EESB4 Ice maker only does crushed ice now

    My ice maker is only putting out crushed ice. Setting is on 'cube' but it's still grinding it up. I emptied the bin out completely, dug out any ice chunks in the agitator/dispenser but it's still crushing. Any ideas? Thank you
  15. B

    KUIC18PNSX2 Kitchenaid ice maker not making ice - no water in resevoir

    The reservoir never fills with water. Under service mode, the test for the water level sensor / water valve doesn't seem right. The service light should blink while filling the reservoir and then turn solid, but the light is solid right away and still no water in the reservoir. The next test...
  16. M

    RSG307AA Ice maker problem

    I have a side by side samsung RSG307AA, I bought it new, I've never been able to use the ice maker. I have tried everything, but it does not work. I have disarmed in the back (where the electrical circuit is) when I press so that water comes out (the relay is heard lighting). But when I try to...
  17. U

    KUIS15NRHW9 Advice on purchasing a new Freestanding Ice Maker

    Hello, Jake, I'm hoping you see this post, because after reading several of your other posts I know how knowledgeable you are and also how helpful you've been to others. Appliance repair is an art form that you've got down perfect! I'm the owner of a commercial building that has about 12...
  18. V

    GSH25JFXBB GE Side by Side Not Making Enough Ice

    Hello, I have a GE GSH25JFXBB Side by Side refrigerator. About 5 days back, I emptied out the ice bucket and since then I am having problems with the ice maker. Sometimes it will not make any ice at all and at other times it does but way less than it used to - it would fill up the whole bucket...
  19. J

    WRB322DMBM00 Ice maker not filling

    My whirlpool WRB322DMBM00 had a plugged fill tube that i resolved but it is only making small cubes. I took the ice maker out and searched everywhere for a screw to adjust fill time to no avail. Is there not an adjustment on this model?
  20. A

    FIXED GLHS68EESB0 Engaging Water Dispenser Paddle makes water go into ice maker via the filler tube

    Good afternoon, A couple weeks ago, the water and ice dispenser stopped working. There was no power going to the front of the fridge (none of the lights were lit). While this problem existed, if i turned on the ice maker, water would randomly shoot out of the water dispenser in the front. So i...