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    MFX2570AEM4 Maytag Ice Maker not getting water

    • Water dispenser works fine with good pressure • Replaced dual inlet valve • Line from valve to ice maker is clear • T and H test works fine but no water cycle at end Based on my research, it sounds like I need to maybe look at wire harness. Any help anyone can give on this?
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    WRF736SDAM11 Ice maker water line leak

    Please help an 8 month pregnant lady who is having an emotional breakdown over her “new” fridge. Whenever we run the water from the dispenser, the inside pours water everywhere from where the ice dispenses into the door ice holder. We removed all our food last night and left the fridge unplugged...
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    FIXED KUIS18NNJW7 Makes whooshing noise and a small amount of crappy looking ice

    Recently bought a house that had a Kitchenaid undercounter ice maker in the kitchen. A sticker inside seems to indicate it has a mfr date of June 2006. The inside was pretty filthy and I have cleaning solution coming to descale the unit. The problem I've encountered is the machine will fill...
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    WRX988SIBM00 Power cycling Optics board runs normal then turns off after about 4 minutes

    The optics board that senses the height of the ice cubes in the bucket will light solid red and the ice maker operate normally for about 4-5 minutes after being reset by cycling the power. Then the red light goes off and the ice maker ceases to work other than it will dump ice that becomes...
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    Another RS265TDRS/XAA icemaker won't dispense ice

    Icemaker makes ice, the bin won't dispense the ice. Five weeks of one day a week waiting for an authorized repairman to come and try and make the thru-the-door dispenser dispense ice from the bin. So far we did: 1. replace the augur motor. 2. replace the icemaker 3. replace the main-logic...
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    RF28HFEDTSR Top ice maker dispenser has started collecting water

    The top ice maker in our Samsung fridge has started to have a small amount of water buildup in the ice dispenser. You notice it when you try to get ice (preceded by a small amount of water coming out - but not being squirted out by the water dispenser), or when you notice it dripping from the...
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    FIXED Frigidaire FRS26R4CW0 freezer icing over

    About 2 weeks ago I came home from work and noticed a small pool of water at the bottom of my side by sides freezer door. Figuring my wife spilled something I just cleaned it up and went about my day. Later that night I was hankering for a snack and decided to pull out dinner for the next day...
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    Test Button Not Working Kenmore 795.72483410 Motor shot??

    Good morning all! Same old story, the ice maker makes ice but wont turn. No grinding, no noise, reset/test button does nothing. I confirmed that no ice is stuck or frozen/binding the tray, I unplugged main power to the fridge for 5 min to reset t and tried several times to reset the ice...
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    GT22DMXJW0 Internal ice maker issues

    Hi All, Hope you can help me with my icemaker problems. 20 year old fridge with an internal ice maker. At some point the icemaker had difficulty pushing out cubes and I would go in and manually dislodge a couple and it would function. A possibly related problem was a frozen column of water...
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    FIXED 795.71063010 Ice maker issues

    Hello, I hope someone can help out. I have kenmore fridge with ice maker problems. One day, all of a sudden, the fridge would not make any ice. Few months later, I decide to get someone from service to check it out. The guy came and said that the ice maker needs to be replaced because it's it's...
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    GSE25GSHBCSS Ice Maker Not Filling but Water Dispensing

    Ice maker stopped filling. Water still dispenses at a fine rate. Freezer is 0 degrees F. Does this rule out water valve as a cause? Is there anything to try short of replacing the ice maker?
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    FIXED Whirlpool gold designer fit GC3SHEXNS16 water dispenser/ice maker in door leaking to floor

    From the in-door dispenser, water leaking down refrigerator and sometimes puddles on floor...have cleaned all, replaced tubing, turned off ice maker (from door only)....still happens...mostly on the left side (looking at the refrigerator) but ssometimes right side too. Any ideas please!!! Thanks!
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    ARS8267BC Ice maker activates water dispenser

    When ice maker fills, water is also dispensed from in-door water dispenser. Have replaced primary & secondary water inlet valves and main control board but the problem remains. Others have sited a replacement of the water inlet harness, which contains a diode on some models. Have inspected the...
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    253.70313214 Water dispenser and ice maker not functioning

    Numerous troubleshooting steps tried/detailed, HELP! :confused: 2 days ago, my fridge/freezer was making a persistent knocking noise. At this time, the ice maker had not been working for maybe a week (this happens intermittently). I unpluged the fridge for a few minutes, knocking noise...
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    GSF26C4EXW02 Whirlpool Ice Maker stopped working

    Hey guys! I have a Whirlpool Gold Model #GSF26C4EXW02. Without warning, our ice maker has stopped working. I looked for the red light that I read about in the other posts, but did not see one. I'm not sure if this is because of my model... or if this means my optics aren't working? If that...
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    FIXED MSD2652KEW Ice maker takes a day to empty

    Hi all again. You have never steered me wrong and I am sad to say I need your help again. My Maytag refrigerator, model MSD2652KEW, started this problem yesterday. When the ice is, well ice, you can hear it trying to empty the tray, but stops. Whenever I look at it, the prongs (I hope you know...
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    FIXED EW28BS71ISA Electrolux Ice Maker Diagnostic Help Please

    The Ice Maker is currently in: NO ICE - Mold in Freeze (LEFT) position and no water or ice in mold Ice Maker (Finger Evaporator Fresh Food Compartment) - Flow Chart No Ice #3 - per service manual I have run all of the diagnostics and also replace the Water Inlet Valve with the Genuine...
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    FIXED Whirlpool WRX988SIBM01 Ice Maker Not working

    I have a Whirlpool Fridge, model number WRX988SIBM01, that has stopped making ice. I found the tech guide under the right door hinge and ran through the steps. Under the dispense water to the ice maker step it seems like it is trying to run water to the ice maker, but I can not hear the water...
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    GSF26C5EXY00 Whirlpool Side By Side Ice maker not working

    So this is driving me mad. I have a whirlpool refrigerator with the in door ice maker and it is not working. I have so far replaced the ice maker its self as well as the optical transmitter and receiver board. The optics work when the refrigerator is first turned on but then the diagnostic led...
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    GI5FVAXVB02 Replaced display board with new, part confirmed as the right one, wont turn on

    Purchased fridge second hand. Front door control panel flashed on and off a time or so then went black. Stayed dark for a few days then restarted, then repeated again after two days on. Called a tech in who confirmed that the door control panel needed replacement. Purchased part to replace...