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    RF261BEAESR Ice and Frost buildup in freezer

    Brand new Samsung Fridge >6 months old As of yesterday, crazy ice buildup Please help Thank you!
  2. W

    Possible to "reset" frig icemaker or force it to cycle?

    This is a side-by-side freezer/frig, with a standard icemaker in it. Lately, the water tube in the back (more like a chute, since it's not enclosed once it comes into the freezer compartment) freezes up once or twice a month; the ice will clog it all the way up into the back wall of the...
  3. R

    Ice tray defroster

    The water tray that leads to the ice tray keeps freezing up. When I defrost the freezer, the ice dispenser starts working again just fine until the tube gets frozen again. Is there a defroster in the ice tray that's supposed to keep this from happening? I wanted to get any advice before I...
  4. D

    Kenmore Elite doesn't crush ice

    My freezer door (Kenmore Elite model 106.54613300) has stopped crushing ice, although it does dispense regular ice. The ice selector button (crushed/cubed) does switch lights properly, but when it's on crushed I get no sound at all when I press the paddle. Is this an electronics issue...
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    Bosch Refrigerator/Freezer not cooling

    I am hoping someone can give me a little advice about my Bosch refrigerator. About 2 months ago I noticed a sheet of ice at the bottom of my freezer. Then I began to notice water pooling on my floor. Then the refrigerator started to get warm and I decided to call a repair man. He told me to...
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    FIXED RF4287HARS No water to icemaker after 4 years of use; water to dispenser is fine

    Ice maker has been working perfectly but as of two days ago, is not receiving any water. Door water dispenser is functioning fine. Only recent "changes" has been I replaced the water filter, which I've done maybe 5 times in the 4 years I've had the fridge. I've removed and replaced the filter...
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    Kitchenaid Refrigerator - Water Leak by Ice Dispenser

    We have ice on the bottom of our freezer on our Kitchenaid Refrigerator. Water is leaking from the back left corner. Ice maker works and water dispenses. Filter was changed about a month ago. Fridge was purchased two years ago. Second question: Our sliding drawer cover cracked along...
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    106.59912702 no filter in grill plate?

    Hi all, I just moved into a house where i have a Kenmore side by side fridge 106.59912702. The ice smells and tastes weird from the ice maker. There is a musty smell coming from the freezer even after being scrubed a few times. On my old Kenmore fridge there was a water filter in the bottom...
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    GSS30C6EYW00 Ice dispense auger motor not working

    Whirlpool Gold side by side with in-door ice maker and dispenser. The auger motor does not work but the flapper opens when pressing the ice dispense lever. The ice maker and the water dispense work fine. I replaced the auger motor and still does not work. When measuring the voltage I get 70volts...
  10. D

    FGHB2844LFE Frigidaire Gallery French Door Refrigerator not making ice

    We bought this refrigerator in March of 2013 (it was manufactured in January of 2013). This is the second time that we've had issues with our ice machine. Our water dispenser is dispensing water (and we have replaced the water filter), but no ice is being made. In addition to replacing the water...
  11. J

    Stopped Making Ice?

    The ice maker stopped working last week and I'm not sure why. I thought maybe the problem was the water filter so I changed it since it was due to be changed anyway. The water works fine but no ice is being produced. On the inside of the freezer (right side where you turn on/off ice...
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    Ice Buildup in Refrigerator (Kenmore Coldspot)

    I have a Kenmore Coldspot, and every so often ice builds up on the sides. I usually take everything out and use a blow-dryer to melt the ice.:confused::confused::confused::confused: Any Ideas.
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    Kitchenaid Fridge Display Panel Acting up among other problems including ice in bottom of freezer

    I have a Kitchenaid KSRS25ILWH02 side by side fridge. About three months ago I came back from 2 weeks' vacation and everything in the fridge was frozen. We opened up the fridge door for an hour, then everything seemed to be ok. About a month later there was water on the floor. I could see...
  14. G

    Ice build up and water leaking from door Maytag french door/ bottom freezer

    I have a Maytag french door refrigerator with a bottom freezer and about 6 months ago it started building up ice on the floor of the freezer and leaking onto the floor. The drip pan underneath is always empty, so I suspect that the drain is clogged. I have located the panel in the freezer that I...
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    FIXED Water dispenser won't turn off!

    I have a Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator model #PLHS280ZAB4 on which the ice dispenser lever broke off (common problem, I’ve learned). I bought the replacement lever, part number 241681703 from and installed it. Upon reassembly, the instant the front electrical panel...
  16. T

    Kenmore S/S No Power to Auger Motor

    Ice Maker works fine but ice would not dispense. May have been a jammed ice auger originally. When ice dispenser button held down smell of overheated component was detected. Replaced Auger Motor, which appears may not have been necessary. Meter shows no power coming into the auger motor when...
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    FIXED Default kenmore elite ice maker works & stops, requires reset, sometimes works slow

    Hey guys. I've been reading forums trying to diagnose my ice maker problem. The whole assembly works, just intermittently. Sometimes if I unplug the freezer for an extended period of time, the next day it will start producing ice. Sometimes at regular speed, sometimes slow. Other times...
  18. L

    Another Kenmore Elite not dispensing ice

    Along with many others, my refrigerator ice dispenser is malfunctioning. It makes ice very well and dispenses water perfectly and all the LED lights and other little gadgety things work. Model # is 10657792700 made in 2007 according to manufacturer's date on fridge. I looked under the ice bin...
  19. N

    Kenmore Elite Top-Mount Model 106 Frost build-up in back of freezer

    Hi, Ice keeps forming on the back of the freezer wall on my Kenmore Elite Top-Mount freezer. (This is a frost-free model.) At first, I thought the ice maker was the problem, because the part where the water flows into the icemaker was all frozen up. I shut off the fridge, removed the icemaker...
  20. 9

    Ice maker, makes ice but it does not dispense ice

    Our ice maker does make ice, but nothing happens when you activate the dispense lever.