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    Poor cooling and frost/ice buildup only on condensor lines.

    My Kenmore is cooling very low and can not figure it out. The condensor fan runs, I hear the defrost timer running, everything seems ok. The evaporator coils do not get cold but the lines coming in freeze within an hour or so and stops at the evaporator coils. What could cause this?
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    GE Profile not dispensing ice or water

    GE Profile side by side refigerator. P Series. It is about 3 years old. <O:p All of the green lights work when the corresponding buttons are pushed. The ice maker makes ice. Obiviously the water must work because the ice is made from the water. However, when the lever is pushed to get ice or...
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    FIXED Fridgidaire Electrolux Refridgerator Water Leak and Icing

    Hello All, I have a side by side Frigidaire Refrigerator model" PLHS269ZCB3. I have a problem with icing and water leaking out of my freezer. I receive a sheet of ice on the bottom of my freezer and water leaks out periodically. After reading some posts I understand that this may be a clogged...
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    Ice Door Flapper NOT Closing...Water Line freezing

    I have a monogram side-by-side refrigerator that is about 5-6 years old. I believe the water line keeps freezing because sometimes the water dispenser will work and sometimes it won't. Wondering if it is freezing? Also, the main problem I'm having now is that the ice door flapper stays open a...
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    Maytag MZD2766GE* ice maker - hollow cubes

    Some of the cubes that our icemaker produces are coming out hollow. I found this info about it... Icemakers, what kind of an icemaker do I have, odor problems, icecubes taste bad, filling problems, module style icemakers ...and I was wondering if this is something we can live with for a...
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    No Ice and Unusual LED pattern

    We have a Kitchenaid refrigerator/freezer that stopped making ice about a year ago. After reading some threads tonight I tried using a hair dryer on the rubber hose to melt any ice but that didn't help. The unusal part is that when we run diagnostics to check on the control board we are seeing 2...
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    Crushed Ice - Not all crushed

    I replaced the ice drum ( and since it was broken for quite a while, I am not sure if it is working properly. There seems to be a good percentage of large pieces of ice with the crushed ice. Is there some kind of...
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    [FIXED] Icemaker nonfunctional - no status LED

    Hi Jake, Firstly thanks for the great forum! I have a whirlpool with an icemaker. The unit stopped making ice so I checked the status LED on the right and it is not lit at all. I have replaced both parts of the optics (transmitter and receiver) as per suggestions on other threads but the...
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    Whirlpool ED2VHEXTQ01 Ice Door

    I purchased a Whirlpool ED2VHEXTQ01 about two years ago. The ice chute door has failed. A small part that looks like an automotive engine cylinder fell out of the chute. I have stuffed small towels into the chute on both ends to prevent spoilage and frost. I do not even know where to...
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    Kenmore 106.56586501 Ice dispenser door off hinges?

    Hello, I have a Kenmore side-by-side 106.56586501. It looks like the ice dispenser door is off its hinge? The door seems to float in the opening; it will not close or open on it's own. I can push it closed but even then a little air gets into the freezer (and frost build-up near the icemaker)...
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    Ice in Bottom of Freezer

    Hello Braintrust, I have a Sears Kenmore SxS 10652609100 that keeps building up ice in the bottom of the freezer. I have defrosted it twice and made sure I had an open drain to the pan underneath. The water is coming from behind the tin back plate at the rear of the freezer. Another issue that...
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    ED5NHGXMQ00 - Ice Collecting in Refrigerator & Freezer

    Hello. I am requesting assistance for the following two issues: 1. Frequently, I need to clear the ice that forms in a vent that is on the left wall and two-thirds down from the top. I have found that when the ice forms in this area, the refrigerator does not remain cool. Once cleaned, the...