icemaker not working

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    Whirlpool Refrigerator WSF26C2EXF01 - The old easy icemaker Fix?

    Back in the day you could just give the ice maker a little push or turn to activate the stuck mechanism in order to help it push the ice again, and problem solved. Do these have that same issue possibly? I'm asking because mine is not making ice now and I'm not home to help the little lady at...
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    Samsung Refrigerator RF28HFEDTSR - bottom freezer, ice maker not working

    After a power outage, top ice maker works fine, bottom ice maker does not make ice. (before outage, was bottom ice maker was fine.). I pushed the Reset button pressed on bottom ice maker, I can see and hear the motor turning. confirmation Chime bell at end. YET, No ice produced. Any ideas?
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    FIXED Kitchenaid KSF26C4XYY03 Icemaker Intermittently Working

    Hello. I'm new to the forum, but have been doing lots of research the past few days on here and other websites and have found very little on this particular model. So I figured I'd make my own post. I have an ~8 year old Kitchenaid side by side fridge model KSF26C4XYY03 with the in-door...
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    WRF736SDAF10 Whirlpool French Door Ice maker problems

    Ice maker stopped working. used some of the help on similar model and did diagnostics which showed Ice maker not returning to home so confirmed the ice maker motor is probably bad. problem i have is the ceiling design of my refrigerator is different than what is pictured in this video...
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    ED5FHEXMS00 Ice Maker Crumped

    Two months ago, the ice maker quit making ice. I recycled the ice level sensor arm and operations resumed normally. Now, nothing I do will resurrect the ice maker. There is ice in the tray (as best as I can tell), but no action to eject and then continue making new ice. Is it possible for me...
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    FIXED KUIS18NNJW7 Makes whooshing noise and a small amount of crappy looking ice

    Recently bought a house that had a Kitchenaid undercounter ice maker in the kitchen. A sticker inside seems to indicate it has a mfr date of June 2006. The inside was pretty filthy and I have cleaning solution coming to descale the unit. The problem I've encountered is the machine will fill...
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    795.51314011 Kenmore ice-maker not releasing ice after its made

    serial #010MRCJ08739 side by side indoor ice-maker is not releasing the ice after if is made. any ideas on what could be causing this?
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    Kenmore Coldspot Icemaker not working

    Hello All, When I bought my house the icemaker on the fridge did not work. I am trying to fix it. The water dispenser works though. I am not sure what I should replace. If I replace the ice maker unit, will it fix it? There is no water dripping into it though? Does that mean something...
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    GE Profile Arctica Side -by-Side Model PSS29NS Not making ice (again)

    So, My ice machine decided to stop making ice (Again). At first, there was no water in the ice trays but the machine itself would still heat up and spin to eject the ice cubes. So, I replaced the water inlet valve (easy repair) and since there was a good bit of frost in, and around the ice...
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    Sub Zero BI-42SD icemaker not working

    I've got a Sub Zero side by side fridge freezer. The model number on the plate reads "BI-42SD/S/CH" serial number F29335##. The ice maker stopped working without any warning. I've turned it off and on a few times with no effect. The arm that senses when the ice bin is full moves freely and...
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    GZ25FSRXYY0 Whirlpool side by side, Icemaker line keeps freezing on top

    I am a licensed plumber and have been trying to help a customer repair his refrigerator. He has a Whirlpool side by side fridge, with the freezer drawers in the bottom. The icemaker is located in the top left hand corner in this little enclosed box. He said he's had this fridge a little over...
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    KitchenAid/Marvel/Kenmore UC Icemaker prob

    I have 3 under-counter icemakers 1) KitchenAid - KUIS185DWH0, 2)Kenmore - 106.86485690, and 3) Marvel - 51IMW2. With some minor exceptions, they are all essentially the same and 20ish years old. One by one, they have all caught the same disease. I'm beginning to think its viral. These units...
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    GSC25C4EYY00 Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator - side by side ice in door - Not Making Ice

    I've read some other threads and seemed to have guidance to a model similar to mine, but did not find my model exactly using search. The optics test I read about in another thread indicates I should open the door and look to see what happens with the LED. From everything I can tell - NOTHING...
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    Icemaker shoot swollen like a balloon and frozen solid - Whirlpool #GD5RHAXNB00

    My icemaker shoot is swollen like a balloon and frozen solid. No water is getting to the tray to make ice. Did some research but before I spend money I would like the opinions of you experts. Maybe a bad Water Inlet Valve??? Thanks for your help.
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    Kenmore Ice Maker not making nor dropping ice

    I'm having trouble figuring out what is wrong with the ice making system in my Kenmore fridge/freezer. The unit stopped dropping ice about 2 weeks ago. I figured it was probably the icemaker itself (maybe the heating element) so I replaced the icemaker. With the new icemaker installed, it 1/2...
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    FIXED Icemaker not producing ice

    After a power outage our icemaker is not producing ice anymore. I checked the motor. We have this model : Icemaker Module | Appliance Aid I tried the following tests : Test points L & N will verify 120 volts to Ice Maker module. >> voltmeter reader shows that it s running fine Test points T &...
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    Kitchen Aid Side by Side Icemaker not working

    My Kitchen Aid side-by-side is 6 years old, however was stored for 2 of those due to a move. It has worked perfectly for the past 3 years but recently stopped making ice. My son tried to swap the valve from the water dispenser (which works) to the ice maker in order to see if the valve on the...
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    kenmore 106.54592400 no water or ice

    Hello, We just moved into a house with a Kenmore 106.54592400 refrigerator. There is water in the line to the back of the machine and the valve is on, but apparently it is not flowing to the dispenser or ice maker. I assume the filter may need replacing. Does a dirty filter stop the water...
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    Icemaker won't cycle.

    I can't get my icemaker to cycle and drop the ice. This is about a 10 year old Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator. I have replaced the ice maker with a brand new one and even added a new solenoid water value. I have tried the jumper to manually start the icemaker and it does eventually drop the...
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    Kitchenaid ksra25fkss00 ice maker & freezer problems

    Our Kitchenaid superba side-by-side is just over 10 years old and we've had some problems that we'd like to try to repair ourselves. First, the ice maker stopped working. Then we noticed that unless we have the thermostat set to the maximum value, items in the freezer melted. We tested the...