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    LFC20760ST/06 LG Bottom Drawer Ice Maker Clicking

    LG refrigerator model LFC20760ST/06 bottom drawer ice maker no door ice or water dispenser installed problem: approximately 3 times per day, the ice maker makes a loud clicking noise that sounds like a plastic gear slips and then clicks(bangs). The noise stops after about 1 full minute. When...
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    WRX988SIBH00 Whirlpool Refrigerator Icemaker,no ice.

    Model WRX988SIBH00..... I changed the ice maker and the dual solenoid ,inside in panel, located on top . The cup filler is getting water, so water is getting unto that dual solenoid. But the ice maker not getting water? Any advice. THANK YOU !!!
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    Ice not harvesting on Whirlpool GZ25FSRXYY5

    A few months ago my ice maker stopped working. I see ice sitting in the ice maker but it doesn't get pushed out to the ice bin. Once in a while I do see a few ice cubes in the ice bin, so apparently its an intermittent fault. A few days ago I pulled the ice maker out and let it thaw out...
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    Electrolux EW23BC71IS6 ice maker mold issues

    tl;dr: What does it mean when both tests 51C (Th1 mold thermistor test) and 54C (mold heater test) are failing with code "SH", both with and without the mold wiring harness plugged in? I've had luck fixing the obnoxious ice maker in my Electrolux EW23BC71IS6 (software version 80) a couple times...
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    106.56922600 Icemaker problem Kenmore refrigerator

    Picture attached. Wondering if you might have an answer before I take the thing out. Problem: Water is not running into the icemaker. It's running into the ice bin and pouring out the front. When I run my finger down the little trough to the icemaker, all I feel at the end is a plastic piece...
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    FIXED Kenmore/LG 795.78733800 Icemaker

    I just moved into a home we just purchased. The icemaker doesn't produce ice. Water does not go into the icemaker. I put water into the icemaker to test if it made ice, it doesn't freeze the water. I checked the temperature in the icemaker and I have seen temperatures from 15 to 60 F. The fan...
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    FIXED 795.72053110 Ice/water button turns on light but does not dispense water or ice

    When I hit the dispense button, I hear/feel the click of the switch and the light comes on, suggesting the the switch is functional. But it is otherwise silent. No water pump, no water - when in water mode. And no turning of the ice dispenser when in ice mode. The motherboard was recently...
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    FIXED FGHB2866PF0 Ice maker won't automatically cycle or harvest ice

    My frigidaire model FGHB2866PF0 ice maker won't automatically cycle or "harvest". It is 5 years old. I can manually force it to fill the ice tray and when frozen I can force it to turn the tray electronically to dump the ice all when in test mode. But when in regular mode it won't do either...
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    106.56666500 Kenmore Coldspot leaking/squirting *and* not chilling well

    Hi, all! My Kenmore Coldspot suddenly developed a water leak; I came downstairs to find a significant puddle. I had no time to poke at it then, so I just shut off the icemaker water and turned off the icemaker switch. That's been a few months now and I'm finally looking at it for that as well...
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    FIXED GSS30C6EYY01 Whirlpool Gold Icemaker Dead - need advanced troubleshooting steps

    Following a power failure, my icemaker is dead. This is a side by side model with the icemaker in the door and a laser? / IR? emitter / receiver across the top of the ice bin. Known Facts: a) Drinking water dispenser works normally and water filter is reasonably fresh. b) Refrigerator and...
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    Maytag ice maker model number 13068002

    Hi, my first time asking a question here, I'm hoping you guys can help me. My ice maker has not been making ice for about a year now, and it's pressured me enough to want to do something about it now. I took it apart and was able to get it to fill with water but after freezes it does not dump...
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    FIXED 795.79783902 Kenmore Elite In Door Icemaker not filling with water

    I would appreciate any assistance in troubleshooting and fixing this issue. I have a Sears Kenmore Elite three door fridge model 795.79783.902. It has ice and water in the door. The water in the door works and dispenses water with good pressure and switches to dispensing ice if there is any...
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    FFHS2611LBB Frigidaire ONLY makes ice for short time until costly new filter is put in

    Our side by side Frigidaire freezer will only make ice for a short time without replacing ongoing new costly filters. The longest we've gone with use of a filter is six months, and as little as six weeks. We have even bought the 'dummy' filter in hopes of eliminating the cost of filters, but...
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    FIXED FFHS2611LBK Frigidaire pushing water out of dispenser when calling for icemaker refill (video)

    FFHS2611LBK I decided I should start my own thread about this. Same as the older thread, every time the icemaker calls for water, water comes out of the dispenser. I have replaced the diode and the water inlet to no avail. The last couple years, we just plugged up the water dispenser line so...
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    GSS20GEWPBB Icemaker...Came home to find water all down walls and even light frozen

    Our side by side was manufactured in 2011, I believe, and was in this modular upon purchase 5 years ago. The clear plastic cover/crushing housing Part #WR17X11497 broke, but we were still letting it at least make the ice... we just weren't using the door dispenser. My mom came home from work...
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    795.51314011 Kenmore ice-maker not releasing ice after its made

    serial #010MRCJ08739 side by side indoor ice-maker is not releasing the ice after if is made. any ideas on what could be causing this?
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    LFX28968SB Ice maker repeatedly dumps water

    I have a LG refrigerator that came with my house, I just moved in a month ago and the ice maker on this fridge has been driving me crazy the whole time. It will continuously filled the tray with water and immediately dump it into the bin it will repeat this until you turn the ice maker off, I...
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    GX5SHDXVB01 Whirlpool Fridge Warm, Freezer Cold

    We're getting the warm fridge, cold freezer symptom. I ordered the recommended Damper Control WPW10196393 & it arrived today. I opened the YouTube video - but it's for the wrong fridge. The video is for the "French Door" - side-by-side model. Ours is the freezer-under model. I went ahead and...
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    Icemaker Auger Motor Locking Up

    I have a Frigidaire FGHB2866PF3 French door Gallery Series. The icemaker produces ice (very slowly), and now the auger motor is locking or freezing up. I can hear the hum, but not the auger motor kicking in. I have taken a small screwdriver and tried to force the motor to turn from the forks...
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    Possible to "reset" frig icemaker or force it to cycle?

    This is a side-by-side freezer/frig, with a standard icemaker in it. Lately, the water tube in the back (more like a chute, since it's not enclosed once it comes into the freezer compartment) freezes up once or twice a month; the ice will clog it all the way up into the back wall of the...