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    Kenmore Elite 795.72483.411 ice maker not emptying ice tray into bin

    Hi, My icemaker (Kenmore Elite 795.72483.411) makes ice but will not dump it into the storage bin. I can press the test button and it dumps it and refills the tray with water that then freezes, so all the motors and parts function and I think the temp is ok (ordered a freezer thermometer). I...
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    WSF26C3EXB01 Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker won't fill

    My Icemaker will not fill. I've replaced the icemaker, the new icemaker does run a harvest cycle when jumped T and H. Lastly I have looked for broken wires at the bottom of the door but did not find any. The water in the door does work. I am not sure how to proceed. Where should I look next...
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    My Experience with No Ice Making on my Kitchenaid (Whirlpool) KRFF507EWH01

    Folks, I thought I'd take a minute and summarize my thoughts, and history in fixing my five year old Kitchenaid (Whirlpool produced) KRFF507EWH01. My icemaker recently stopped making ice, for the 2nd time in one year. Within the last week I've researched every available repair thread I could...
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    Fregidaire FRS26LF8CS1 water dispenser stops after a day of icemaker turned on. If icemaker turned off water restats after a day.

    My Frigidare water dispenser stops working a few hours after the icemaker is turned on. Restarts after a few hours if ice maker is turned off. The water inlet valve was just replaced about a month ago. Is the water line freezing somewhere? Or, could it be the valve?
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    LG Refrigerator LFXS30766D Leaking water around ice maker & freezing

    I have a LG LFXS30766D with the Spaceplus Slim in door icemaker. Suddenly when the ice maker fills it is leaking water down the door into the fridge. The icemaker container had a block of ice all around it. The ice bucket is freezing in place. It is making ice just fine. I cycled the unit...
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    KRFC704FPS00 Ice Marker Not Working Replaced Ice Maker

    The ice maker in my refrigerator, Model KRFC704FPS00 has not worked since I moved into my new house (appliances came with sale) about 7 months ago. At first when switched to on, a small water leak would occur on the floor and inside the refrigerator compartment. About 2 months ago I had a...
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    FIXED Sub-zero 642 icemaker - tray or inlet overflow?

    Hello! Subzero 642 Current state is that I've already replaced the icemaker and the water inlet valve (behind kickplate). The ice cubes are big and beautiful, however water is dripping on the inlet side of the tray into the bucket, causing an ice rink to form in the bucket! I don't really...
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    FIXED GE Refrigerator Freezer GSH25JSTASS stopped making ice. No water fill up

    Older unit that generally works well. I replaced water inlet valve 1 year back. All good Water is dispensing fine. Ice Machine is NOT filling, not hearing water fill, and therefore no ice. Troubleshooting I powered off, waited 1 minute and powered on. There is no 'power off' for ice on the...
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    Kenmore 106.89583703 stand alone ice maker wont stop making ice when the bin is full

    The ice maker is functioning as it normally does otherwise. It normally shuts off when the bin is full. I have defrosted it and run a cleaning cycle. I am not sure where the sensor or mechanism is to tell it to shut off. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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    Kitchenaid Refrigerator KRMF706ESS01 not producing ice

    Age 2 years My ice maker stopped working. The ice maker switch is in the on position. The food in my freezer is frozen, the food in my refrigerator is cool. There is some condensation where the rubber seal on the French door seals around the ice trays interior door. I cut power to the unit...
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    FIXED Samsung Refrigerator RF23HCEDBSR icemaker makes ice wont' release ice

    Ice maker is making ice, but only dumps it when I hit the reset button. I have replaced the fan, as I had seen that was an option elsewhere, but did not solve the problem.
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    FIXED Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator 106.53662300 icemaker fill tube freezing

    I just started the icemaker back up after not using it for about a year (unit has been in operation though). Icemaker will make about a 1/2 bucket of ice and then water is being sprayed on inside door, causing ice build up. Looks like the water fill tub is iced up.
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    KRMF606ESS00 Kitchenaid Refrig Ice maker not making ice

    Test 56 error code E2 Test 57=20 Test 59=02 Test 58=01 or 11 between toggle First started noticing water dripping from ice maker down the fridge and on the floor. Eventually noticed it stopped making ice. I did hit the ice maker off switch on the inside of icebox. Do I have to reset anything...
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    FIXED Frigidaire Refrigerator FRS6LF8FS1 Ice Fill Line keeps freezing

    Hello, I have a Frigidaire FRS6LF8FS1 and I just replaced the water filter (WF2CB). Everything was running fine beforehand but now the ice fill line keeps freezing up. I have removed the tube from the back of the appliance and thawed it but it keeps freezing up. Any idea what could cause this...
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    ET18GMXHW01 Whirlpool fridge ice maker problem

    Hi is always a pleasure to address problem solving with the help of you knowledgeable and helpful folks. Anyway...I have a Whirlpool model ET18GMXHW01 fridge. The icemaker is 106626636. What is happening is this: The icemaker fills with water, freezes, but then does not become...
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    Frigidaire FGHG2366PF4A Ice Maker Issues

    I recently moved into this home and this fridge never had a water supply hooked up to the ice maker. This unit only has an ice maker, no water dispenser. I hooked it up and everything seemed fine but it never made ice. The following day my whole freezer is overflown with water and ice. Spent all...
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    FIXED Kitchenaid KSF26C4XYY03 Icemaker Intermittently Working

    Hello. I'm new to the forum, but have been doing lots of research the past few days on here and other websites and have found very little on this particular model. So I figured I'd make my own post. I have an ~8 year old Kitchenaid side by side fridge model KSF26C4XYY03 with the in-door...
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    RF28HDEDBSR/AA Samsung Refrigerator - frost buildup in icemaker every few months

    Hi All - Samsung RF28HDEDBSR/AA refrigerator, purchased in the fall of 2015 from Sears. I've had the issue of frost buildup in the ice maker for the last couple years, have to put it in the manual Fd for about 20 minutes and the buildup can be easily picked off, then it works fine for a few...
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    WRT311FZDM00 Whirlpool refrigerator Ice machine water valve not getting 120

    I was fixing a whirlpool refrigerator, jumped the timer on the ice machine- it works great. Water solonoid valve didn't send water to ice maker though. Checked waterflow from inlet and outlet and ohmed out the valve- valve is good. Checked voltage to valve and its only getting 9v- not getting...
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    HSS25IFMCWW How much flow is supposed to come out of the water inlet on a HotPoint Ice Maker?

    I unplugged my ice maker in a HotPoint refrigerator's freezer to see what I can figure out about it producing low amounts of ice. It freezes solid ice but it is so slow that it can't keep up with my family's demand and it used to just fine. After I cleaned it up and reconnected it, the water...
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