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    FIXED GSS30C6EYY01 Whirlpool Gold Icemaker Dead - need advanced troubleshooting steps

    Following a power failure, my icemaker is dead. This is a side by side model with the icemaker in the door and a laser? / IR? emitter / receiver across the top of the ice bin. Known Facts: a) Drinking water dispenser works normally and water filter is reasonably fresh. b) Refrigerator and...
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    Maytag ice maker model number 13068002

    Hi, my first time asking a question here, I'm hoping you guys can help me. My ice maker has not been making ice for about a year now, and it's pressured me enough to want to do something about it now. I took it apart and was able to get it to fill with water but after freezes it does not dump...
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    FIXED 795.79783902 Kenmore Elite In Door Icemaker not filling with water

    I would appreciate any assistance in troubleshooting and fixing this issue. I have a Sears Kenmore Elite three door fridge model 795.79783.902. It has ice and water in the door. The water in the door works and dispenses water with good pressure and switches to dispensing ice if there is any...
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    FFHS2611LBB Frigidaire ONLY makes ice for short time until costly new filter is put in

    Our side by side Frigidaire freezer will only make ice for a short time without replacing ongoing new costly filters. The longest we've gone with use of a filter is six months, and as little as six weeks. We have even bought the 'dummy' filter in hopes of eliminating the cost of filters, but...
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    FIXED FFHS2611LBK Frigidaire pushing water out of dispenser when calling for icemaker refill (video)

    FFHS2611LBK I decided I should start my own thread about this. Same as the older thread, every time the icemaker calls for water, water comes out of the dispenser. I have replaced the diode and the water inlet to no avail. The last couple years, we just plugged up the water dispenser line so...
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    GSS20GEWPBB Icemaker...Came home to find water all down walls and even light frozen

    Our side by side was manufactured in 2011, I believe, and was in this modular upon purchase 5 years ago. The clear plastic cover/crushing housing Part #WR17X11497 broke, but we were still letting it at least make the ice... we just weren't using the door dispenser. My mom came home from work...
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    795.51314011 Kenmore ice-maker not releasing ice after its made

    serial #010MRCJ08739 side by side indoor ice-maker is not releasing the ice after if is made. any ideas on what could be causing this?
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    LFX28968SB Ice maker repeatedly dumps water

    I have a LG refrigerator that came with my house, I just moved in a month ago and the ice maker on this fridge has been driving me crazy the whole time. It will continuously filled the tray with water and immediately dump it into the bin it will repeat this until you turn the ice maker off, I...
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    GX5SHDXVB01 Whirlpool Fridge Warm, Freezer Cold

    We're getting the warm fridge, cold freezer symptom. I ordered the recommended Damper Control WPW10196393 & it arrived today. I opened the YouTube video - but it's for the wrong fridge. The video is for the "French Door" - side-by-side model. Ours is the freezer-under model. I went ahead and...
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    Icemaker Auger Motor Locking Up

    I have a Frigidaire FGHB2866PF3 French door Gallery Series. The icemaker produces ice (very slowly), and now the auger motor is locking or freezing up. I can hear the hum, but not the auger motor kicking in. I have taken a small screwdriver and tried to force the motor to turn from the forks...
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    Possible to "reset" frig icemaker or force it to cycle?

    This is a side-by-side freezer/frig, with a standard icemaker in it. Lately, the water tube in the back (more like a chute, since it's not enclosed once it comes into the freezer compartment) freezes up once or twice a month; the ice will clog it all the way up into the back wall of the...
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    Sub Zero 501F Icemaker Not Working

    Hi. Short version: When I start up my Sub Zero 501F from ~room temperature, the built-in icemaker makes one batch of ice and that's it. More Detail: I'm trying to get the icemake in a Sub Zero 501F going. A stand-alone icemaker was installed in the house when built, ~ 1990, so the one built...
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    Ice maker busted

    When I supply water to the refrigerator it pours out of the ice maker so I am ordering a replacement ice maker. Does this unit even have a water filter?
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    Ice Maker Plug Corrosion

    I need help - I was repairing the solenoid on my ice maker. I had to do a lot of fiddling around with the ice maker. The piece of the plug in that plugs into the front panel with all the wire connections and the on/off switch -- the end of it corroded and fell off. I REALLY REALLY don't want to...
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    KitchenAid Fridge - Whirlpool Ice Maker Stopped Working

    Note: I am not currently at home and the following information is from my memory of the diagnostic tests I have performed over the past week. I will not be able to perform any more tests until much later tonight. KitchenAid Side-by-Side Refrigerator, Model # KSRB25FKSS04 Whirlpool Ice Maker...
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    Whirlpool ED5JHGXRB Icemaker won't harvest

    I tried to post this a few days ago, but it apparently didn't submit right. Trying to fix my icemaker, which wasn't harvesting the ice. Replaced the shaft that connects the timer wheel to the harvest shaft, because the retaining tabs had broken off the end. It now will run one cycle correctly...
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    Icemaker shoot swollen like a balloon and frozen solid - Whirlpool #GD5RHAXNB00

    My icemaker shoot is swollen like a balloon and frozen solid. No water is getting to the tray to make ice. Did some research but before I spend money I would like the opinions of you experts. Maybe a bad Water Inlet Valve??? Thanks for your help.
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    LGUB2642LF2 Frigidaire Fresh Food Icemaker pours water not ice

    The fresh food icemaker in my frigidaire refrigerator (less than 2 years old) pours water into the hopper not ice cubes. I did find the icemaker manual through another post here and ran the tests 48c through 64c and it passed all of them. One time on 63c the tray was up in the upper left and...
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    kitchenaid undercounter icemaker not producing ice

    Ice maker fills tray but then keeps filling every few seconds and overflows into bin. after filling tray it will drain it about a 1/4 down and than start filling it again. usually units is cool when producing but right now its room temp. just cleaned it a few days ago and it worked fine for a...
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    GE WR30x ice maker diagnostics. Arm just rotates during service diagn mode, then blinking lights

    My GE icemaker, wr30x10012, had been leaking from the front for a while, but that was manageable (a valve issue possibly from what I have gathered). It eventually stopped working altogether. I took it out, thawed it, and dug up the tech manual. When I put it back in, it initially entered the...