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    icemaker no woking

    Everything works great, the icemaker decided to stop making ice. If I blow hot air on it for 2-3 minutes with a hair dryer, it will harvest ice. It is getting water. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Whirlpool GD5PHAXMS10 icemaker leaking big time

    Hi, The other day I noticed my icemaker was not making ice. I checked to make sure no cubes had jammed the arms (which happens occasionally), and I gave the icemaker a little wiggle. Nothing hard. A couple of minutes later water is coming out the ice dispenser and all over the floor. Somehow...
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    water dispenser and icemaker not working

    We have just moved and upon hooking up refrigerator, when I turned on water supply valve, water began to leak from bottom of refrigerator. Upon inspection, I discoverd the water filter case was broken in three places. I removed damaged water filter and replaced with new one and turned on water...
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    FIXED FRS26F4CW0 Water squirting out door when icemaker pulls water

    After hooking up water a few years ago, the unit would spray water out the door whenever the ice maker would fill with water (which in turn robs water from the ice maker and makes small cubes). Obviously this was very annoying, so I shut off water and made cubes in trays for years. The other day...
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    FIXED KitchenAid Superba no lights or Control Box display

    The freezer and refrigerator lights, control box display and icemaker quit in my KitchenAid Superba refrigerator. If you turn it on and off it lights up and you hear the unit click on. Then it stops and turns itself off. The freezer and refrigerator still freeze and cool.The repairman said to...
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    Ice maker making ice with paint chips?

    I have an Admiral hmg191470. The ice from the ice maker occasionally has small pieces of a foreign substance in a few of the cubes. It looks like chips of paint, about the size of a dime. It also looks like masking tape. Any idea whats going on here?
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    FIXED GS5SHAXNL00 No Ice? New icemaker and water inlet valve

    I sure hope someone can help here. Suddenly, my icemaker quit working (external water works fine). Thus far I've: - replaced the entire ice maker assembly - replaced the water inlet valve - validated the water hose is not frozen - validated continuity thru the thermal fuse - vaildated...
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    ColdSpot icemaker drip

    First, thanks in advance! This forum and you tech guys are awesome. Our actual icemaker works great but the water appears to continue to drip into it slowly while the ice is being made. So the little funnel feeder in back gets filled with ice just about every day now, and even the tube...
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    Problem with KitchenAid Icemaker

    Hello, I have a KitchenAid side-by-side unit with icemaker model IM #S 106 2198597. The icemaker is not currently making any ice. Here is what I have checked: - I first taped down the flapper on the left side of the freezer. The red LED is solidly illuminated, leading me to believe that the...
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    Icemaker nonfunctional--red light 2 blinks +delay--freezer door leaf ajar started the problem

    I've read a few threads so far...but haven't gotten to go back and check it yet. .2blinks+delay=faulty optics .check for ice in water tube .check solenoid for water discharge .ice cube rake pointing up (don't know what this means) This is my daughter's refrigerator/freezer. Apparently the...
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    No Ice Dispense/Freezer Cuts off

    Hello, When I hit the dipense ice lever, the freezer cuts off (but comes back on when I release the dispenser toggle), and nothing happens (no ice is dispensed). Also, if I turn on the light above the dispenser, the freezer kicks off. It will only come back on if I turn off the light. I...
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    Whirlpool GD5PHAXMS10 IR Icemaker problem

    The LED goes solid if I move the door to clear a path for IR. Blicks twice with 1 sec delay if I don't. No ice. What can the problem be? Thanks Bob
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    Frigidaire Icemaker, cubes get stuck

    Hello, My model number is PLHS237ZDBA. It's a side-by-side. The icemaker seems to work fine, but when it ejects the ice, at least one "cube" always seems to get stuck between the "fingers" and the slots (I don't know the actual terms, sorry). This prevents the mechanism from continuing to...