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    How old is this Kenmore 970-418105 Fridge?

    I have to replace this fridge, as it's leaking and not cooling according to two repairmen who said it is not worth fixing. I need a replacement before the new owners of my home take over. It must be equivalent or newer. I have both the model and serial number and was wondering if someone could...
  2. S

    Identify GE Monogram Panel Refrigerator without an ID plate

    I know this is a long-shot. I acquired an older GE Monogram side-by-side panel refrigerator without an ID plate. I had an authorized GE repair-person come out to evaluate and confirm that the plate is missing. I'd like to 'save' and keep the refrigerator if possible. Maybe you recognize it, or...
  3. N

    Whirlpool Side-by-Side in office, no model number tag, water filter?

    I work in an office with a fridge that there's no information on. I can see the spot on the inside where the model and serial numbers were peeled off, but I have no idea what year or model it is. I need to change the water filter, but can't find the right part until I know what I'm looking at...
  4. W

    Viking Side-by-Side Unit Identification Help (Water Filter replacement)

    Hello, I'm at my wit's end over here. I am simply trying to replace the water filter for my Viking Side-by-Side refrigerator unit. For some reason, a previous tenant must've taken the serial/model tag off the unit because it is nowhere to be found inside or outside of the fridge or freezer...
  5. P

    Integrated microwave: remove and identify

    Hello.. I want to replace the integrated microwave that was already in the kitchen when I moved into my flat. I've got two problems: 1. It doesn't have any visible make names or model numbers on the front or inside, so I have no idea what size replacement to look for. 2. I also don't know...

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