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    AMS950904CXA Amana furnace ignition issue

    Hoping someone can help me out here. My furnace will not ignite. When it cycles on, the igniter lights up, gas comes out and briefly ignites, but does not stay ignited. Any idea what could be causing this and how I could resolve the issue? .
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    PGB960SEJSS GE Range - Are gas igniters interchangeable?

    Hi everyone! I have the following stove that the lower oven stopped igniting. I took it apart and turned the oven on and the igniter doesn't glow at all. I think it might be the igniter. GE Model: PGB960SEJSS I found the following igniter available for the stove at an online GE parts store...
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    FIXED NX58H9500WS - Disconnecting Igniter connectors

    Our Samsng gas range died (would not heat up), and I soon realized the igniter assemble was not working. Ordered an OEM replacement to match the existing - this has 2 separate connectors, not the single block (see attached). If it was a single block configuration I probably would not even be...
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    LG Double Oven (LDG4313ST) F9-Igniter Issue

    Started getting an F9 error. I pulled out my multimeter and started checking continuity. Came to the conclusion that I had a bad oven igniter. I just replaced the igniter. I put a multimeter to the old one and I wasn’t getting continuity. Purchase a new one. Had continuity. Installed it. It...
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    Kenmore 790.73232311 oven not working

    Stovetop works great. Gas releases and igniter ignites the gas. The oven, however, is another story as of dinnertime tonight. The over stopped working entirely.. the igniter is not glowing and, even though I turned it on, there is no gas smell coming from oven and I even put a burning piece...
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    Oven not igniting for JGBS30DEK3WW even after replacing

    Hi all, my igniter isn't glowing. I bought a replacement off of Amazon, but it's still not igniting. I've got a multimeter, but I'm not entirely sure what to look for. I'm concerned voltage isn't getting to the igniter. Any thoughts?
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    Jenn-Air Range PRG3010NP - Igniters that will work on old oven, when official parts are discontinued

    Hey all, bought a house a couple years ago with an old Jenn-Air. Both the bake and broil igniters failed at like the same time. I have home insurance on it, so I gave them a call to come replace it. The tech that came by said that the igniter switches are discontinued, so they'd have to just...
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    GE Cooktop PGP953SETSS - One of my burners has stopped igniting

    hi, I have PGP953SETSS GE stove cooktop. One of my burners has stopped clicking -- no sparks. So I have to use a lighter to manually start that one. I replaced the spark module but it did not fix the issue. Any idea what I need to fix/replace??
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    FIXED LG Range LRG3095 - Broiler not starting - probably igniter

    Hello I moved to a new house in Toronto/Canada. I have LRG3095 - Broiler not starting a fire - While baking is working fine. the screen is not showing any error, when I chose broil, I can switch between Ho/Lo, but there is no actual fire. probably this is an igniter problem I checked the...
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    Jenn-Air JGS9900BDB all gas range oven shutting off

    Hi all, I just discovered this Forum and I certainly appreciate Jake and his team. We have a JGS9900BDB Jenn-Air down draft range that came with the house. At first it would just beep and the oven light would operate randomly. Then the oven would turn off and revert to the clock during the...
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    GTD42GASJ2WW GE Dryer with New Igniter and coils won’t heat

    GE dryer won’t heat. I replaced the coils and the igniter. Igniter is working and I can smell gas in the area, but no flame. It did start a small flame then went out, but I cannot get it to catch. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    KFGD500EBS00 Kitchenaid Range - dual oven not igniting

    Hi. Came back from a week vacation to find that my both top and bottom of my oven are not igniting. Before vacation had no issues. The top burners are working fine. When I click preheat and start I don't even hear the igniter try to start. Normally I would think this its the ignitier but find it...
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    Samsung Range NX58H9950WS/AA 3rd replacement oven bake igniter failed

    Our Samsung NX58H9950WS/AA gas oven range has become troublesome in the last 12 months. A repairman replaced the igniter and we were able to use the oven without problems for a couple of months. The oven stopped heating and strong gas smells. Same repairman replaced the igniter again thinking it...
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    Trane XB80 Furnace Ignition timing not working.

    I have a Trane XB80 furnace that is roughly 20 years old. The Hot Surface Igniter is not getting up to temperature to ignite. It shuts off, turns back on... And then proceeds to the second cycle, still doesn't... and so on and so forth until it just times out and stops permanently and blows...
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    KGST307HBS4 Gas Oven Won't Light - Not Igniter

    Hi all, My KGST307HBS4 oven won't light. Igniter doesn't glow. Gas Broiler does light. Ordered new oven igniter and replaced. Oven still won't light and new igniter did not glow. Tested Ohms on new part and old part (should've done first). Both have continuity. New @ 82 ohms, old at 232 ohms...
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    Bosch cooktop electrode malfunction

    Hello, I have the Bosch Gas Cooktop NGMP655UC. By the way, I would not recommend buying a cooktop from Bosch. The unit is 4 years old and the screws attaching the burners to the top are all corroded and the 2 screws I tried to remove just snapped. I have the following issue with the cooktop. Of...
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    PRG4810 NP Oven ignition problems

    I have a Jenn Air PRG4810NP. Recently the main oven will not ignite. I have read the previous posts and assume it is the ignitor. I tested for 120 and it is present. I do not know how to test the amps to see if I have 3 that will open the valve. (I think I understand that correctly). I was...
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    Amana Range ARG7301WW, replaced bake igniter, now I smell gas and feel sick

    Re: Amana oven model ARG7301WW MFG P1143324NWW sn 9712194410, propane. After years of slow starts, "boom" starts, and slow heats, but no other problems, I decided finally to replace the bake igniter. I bought igniter 31940001 and installed it. I now have no booms, and rapid starts, and rapid...
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    RDSCG230 Viking range igniter working intermittently

    Hi, I moved into a suite with a viking RDSCG230 (D3) range and the oven has been causing me some grief. The igniter often fails to ignite during the cooking process, usually 10 - 20 minutes after the desired temperature is reached (oven indicator light goes off to indicate this). It tries to...
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    FIXED 790.73433311 Oven Igniter Not Glowing

    Hi, First time poster and appliance repairer here. I have a Kenmore gas oven that has stopped heating. Upon inspection, the issue appears to be that the oven is not igniting because the igniter is not glowing. Here is what I have figured so far: The stove top works, so I believe there is...
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