1. B

    Amana Range ARG7301WW, replaced bake igniter, now I smell gas and feel sick

    Re: Amana oven model ARG7301WW MFG P1143324NWW sn 9712194410, propane. After years of slow starts, "boom" starts, and slow heats, but no other problems, I decided finally to replace the bake igniter. I bought igniter 31940001 and installed it. I now have no booms, and rapid starts, and rapid...
  2. A

    RDSCG230 Viking range igniter working intermittently

    Hi, I moved into a suite with a viking RDSCG230 (D3) range and the oven has been causing me some grief. The igniter often fails to ignite during the cooking process, usually 10 - 20 minutes after the desired temperature is reached (oven indicator light goes off to indicate this). It tries to...
  3. T

    FIXED 790.73433311 Oven Igniter Not Glowing

    Hi, First time poster and appliance repairer here. I have a Kenmore gas oven that has stopped heating. Upon inspection, the issue appears to be that the oven is not igniting because the igniter is not glowing. Here is what I have figured so far: The stove top works, so I believe there is...
  4. J

    NX58H5600SS/AA Samsung Bake won’t work...again!

    About a month ago, the oven would intermittently not ignite. Then it completely failed. The broil function worked fine. Upon pressing “Bake” then “Start”, a clicking sound was audible. So I figured the igniter was bad and replaced it. Since then, it has worked fine. Today, the same thing is...
  5. bradvincent

    PGS975SEPSS GE Range - No bake, igniter problem?

    Oven does not heat at all, broiler and stovetop work fine. Removed the oven door and heat shield over the igniter. Turned on the oven, igniter does not glow at all - literally nothing happens in the oven, even though the control panel shows it is on. I expected a bad igniter, which I expected...
  6. F

    PGB995SET1SS GE Profile igniter blew, then display failed

    Our GE Profile, model PGB995SET1SS, had a bad igniter in the lower oven. I bought a non-OEM replacement and installed it with ceramic wire nuts provided. It tested fine. Next time it was used (by S.O.) she said there was a pop and a fizzle sound, then control panel went out. I checked breaker...
  7. K

    BOSCH Vision 500 Gas (NG) Dryer Model #WTVC6530UC/11 - igniter won't light, rapid clicking sound

    Have a Bosch Natural Gas Dryer, Model #WTVC6530UC/11. NG Burner Assy won't light not will the igniter glow. Was working intermittently until last week, now won't light or glow to start at all. Dryer powers up and tumbles on all modes. . . . just will not heat up. When it WAS heating, it would...
  8. J

    FIXED Sears Kenmore 790.70403012 Gas Oven Oven Not Heating - How to test control panel?

    Hi All, My Kenmore 790.70403012 oven is not heating; at first, I thought it was the igniter so I replaced that, still nothing. I went out and bought a multimeter and checked the continuity of the igniter and it read 180, so that's fine; I then checked the continuity of the safety gas valve...
  9. S

    FIXED FGF379WECS Oven Takes Forever To Heat

    Greetings! I've got a Frigidaire FGF379WECS in need of an oven igniter. I've ordered the part and started taking apart the oven to access the old part but have yet to find a video/write-up that covers my model. On the back of the oven there is no lower external wire connector plug guard as...
  10. D

    GE JGSP28BEK2BB oven not lighting

    Hi, all -- My daughter has a fairly new-looking GE JGSP28BEK2BB (serial no AL2 29042 Q but I don't see a mfr date) whose oven suddenly won't light. The range top works fine, the display indicates normal rather than Sabbath mode, and even the broiler lights, so I suspect the main oven igniter...
  11. C

    Kenmore 790.72313013 gas range heats slowly - replaced igniter 2x

    My 7yo gas range is slow to heat and tops out at about 390 degrees. I replaced the oven igniter but it did not help. I had a Sears guy out, he said the part was bad, so I replaced it again with one from a different website than the previous one. I still have the problem. The igniter and oven...
  12. C

    HG4209 Speed Queen gas dryer not igniting

    Hello all, I'm stumped on fixing my dryer and would appreciate some help as I'm not sure what else to try. After my 30+ year old gas dryer stopped heating, I discovered the igniter wasn't working. I replaced it and all was well for a few weeks until it stopped heating again. It works fine on...
  13. S

    CGS990SET4SS GE Double Oven Range, No Power to Igniter

    The bottom (main) oven quit igniting recently. I ordered a new igniter and when installing found the same problem many, many people had posted about: the igniter sits too close to the flame/heat deflector and it eventually melted, causing a hole in the deflector and dripping liquid metal onto...
  14. K

    MGS5775BDW Maytag oven burner intermittent, smells like gas

    https://youtu.be/pLOcjKZBL4w I replaced the oven igniter about a year ago after the oven started exhibiting signs of not heating and smelling of gas. The new igniter seemed to resolve the issue mostly, for a while. Recently the oven began doing the same thing, as seen in the attached video...
  15. D

    Dacor DRT336SLP Gas Cooktop - Broken Igniter

    The igniter on one of my dual burners has broken in two, and the piece still attached gives a spark too low to ignite the gas. I cannot find any information or videos on how to remove it to install a new one. Has anyone got experience with this model that can tell me the procedure? Thanks.
  16. T

    JGBP33SET1SS GE Oven fails intermittently

    Replaced lower igniter oven still only works intermittently. Igniter glows but gas doesn't come on. Works one night, doesn't work the next. I have ordered the broiler igniter (same p/n) thinking maybe they were both weak and that might be a problem...? If this doesn't work what then?? Control board?
  17. G

    KGCD807XBL Gas Cooktop Bizarre Igniter Behavior - Help

    Hi Everyone, I come to the forum with a question that I have not thus far encountered on the internet. Here's the deal. We just recently purchased and had professionally installed a KitchenAid 4-burner downdraft natural gas cooktop model KGCD807XBL. The unit works fine except for this odd...
  18. S

    12-1863-00-03 Oven igniter not working

    Hello, Two days ago, I installed a new oven igniter as the old one was heating orange, but not getting hot enough to kick the gas on. This is the part I installed: 5303935066 Oven Igniter The oven was working perfectly since then. I used the oven today without any problems. This evening...
  19. J

    GFG464LVB1 Whirlpool accubake, oven not heating properly

    My Whirlpool oven does not work properly. I have tested it it will come on preheat get to sit temperature turn off turn back on turn off turn back on usually 4 to 5 times then it will just not kickback to reach set temperature. The control panel will show 350° my fluke meter got down to 180...
  20. D

    KGSS907SSS00 Oven/Broiler clicks but won't ignite

    Long time user, first time poster here! Our KitchenAid Oven has been unusable for some time now. The stove burners all ignite as normal, but the oven/broiler don't seem to spark. I can always smell gas when it's trying to light. We have intermittently gotten the lower (oven?) burner to ignite...