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    Samsung Range X510BGS/XAA oven not igniting. Surface works, broil works.

    Observations: The oven won't light on our Samsung (i.e., the BAKE function does not work) Surface heaters work. BROIL works. When trying to use BAKE, it gives error code E-08. When trying to use BAKE, the ignitor does NOT glow red. I remember reading if the ignitor doesn't glow, then...
  2. M

    JGS968B0H3BB GE Profile gas oven won't ignite

    Model # JGS968B0H3BB My broiler works fine but the oven burner won't ignite. I replaced the ignitor (which glows good and bright). Burner still wouldn't ignite. Replaced temp sensor. Still doesn't work. I'm guessing gas valve? Bad board? I wouldn't feel comfortable replacing those, so my...
  3. J

    SGSX365FS Thermador Cooktop - problems igniting the gas

    My thermador cooktop is starting to have problems igniting the gas. I'm guessing it's a problem with the ignitor, because out of the 5 burners the one we use the least lights up just fine. What is the ignitor part I need to order and is there a video showing how to replace it?
  4. J

    Smell of gas from oven when being used - GE Café (GE Cafe) Series Range - Model: CGS985SETSS

    When we moved into our new home in Richmond, Virginia last July it came with an 8-year old GE Café (GE Cafe) Series Range - Model: CGS985SETSS manufactured in March 2012 (Contractor installed). During the hot summer, we could smell gas 50% of the time the oven was used in convection-mode and 0%...
  5. C

    CGY366SEL1SS GE Cafe Gas Range - Ignitor Replacement

    I had SEARS repair the ignitor in our GE Range this past July - the part and the service were both overpriced. The ignitor just failed yet again so I decided to repair it myself this time. When I pulled the reflector plate, I see that SEARS cut and twisted the old and new wires together inside...
  6. J

    KDRP467KSS0 KitchenAid Range surface burners ignition issue

    On this stove, every knob turns on all igniters. But suddenly two knobs have stopped working. I can turn on those burners by turning on their knobs (to start the gas) and another knob to start the igniter. My guess is that the two knobs have some connection issue. Any idea how to fix that?
  7. A

    VGIC2454BSS Viking freestanding gas stove One burner is slow to click/ignite

    One burner is slow to click/ignite on Viking freestanding gas stove - Spark Module issue? I have a viking gas stove (24", 4x burners), and for one of the burners, the Spark Ignitor does not click as frequently or as early when I turn the knob. This has been a persistent issue for years, but...
  8. E

    BOSCH NGMP055UC Cooktop- Not sparking

    I have a gas cooktop that does not spark. The cooktop is currently unhooked from the gas line. The LED lights come on when plugged into the 110v. So far I have replaced the wiring harness and the ignition box. I'm afraid that the wiring is incorrect and I am unable to get the unit to spark...
  9. R

    WGD9200SQ0 Whirlpool Duet Not Heating - Gas smell in drum

    Hi All, Gas dryer not heating up. Ignitor glows but when gas valves "clicks" it goes out. No flame. I suspect it is the gas valve solenoid coils and have ordered replacements. My question is: I smell gas inside the drum when this happens. That doesn't seem consistent with the solenoid...
  10. J

    No heat. Gas dryer, pulling my hair out. PLEASE help

    Purchased this dyer aprx. 3-4 years ago and has worked fine up until about maybe a month or two ago when intermitent no heat was observed. You could do a "more heat" cycle maybe two times before the 3rd actually dried. Then I lost heat completely. Observed no glow from ignitor. Took apart dryer...
  11. L

    Maytag Neptune dryer MDG5500AWW ignitor

    Does anyone know what would cause the ignitor to burn out? I replaced the ignitor in my dryer a few weeks ago and the new one just burned out. When I purchased the new ignitor I watched the parts store open and inspect the new part (he never touched it), I was also very carful not to touch it...
  12. B

    Oven won't light

    4 1/2 year old Frigidaire oven worked for breakfast, but when we tried to turn it on for dinner it wouldn't light. The range is working fine, so we knew it wasn't the gas line. Took out the ignitor and brought it to a local appliance parts store (NOT a big store). The said that it had burnt out...
  13. J

    FIXED Amana cooktop - Bottom right burner does not work

    Hello there, I looked up this forum for similar posts and saw one that brings a similar issue though not quite same. Want to describe my issue in detail to confirm if the switch replacement suggested there will fix all issues or if I need anything else. When I turn bottom right burner (BR) on...
  14. S

    Dacor SGM365S ignitor does not spark

    I have a Dacor SGM365S gas cooktop. I don't have a spark on one of the ignitors. When I clean it with alcohol, it sparks fine but that only lasts for a few minutes. Then, no spark. I believe the ignitor is the problem but am not sure. I would like to know how to replace the burner ignitor and...
  15. G

    Viking oven inginor replacement and flame spreader

    Hi, I need to replace the ignitors in the base of my Viking oven (one is not working, so seems that it's a good idea to replace both at the same time). When I opened the base of the oven, I found the flame spreader was just lying on top of the burner (not screwed in to anything) and it had a...
  16. Z

    Fridgidaire Oven Not Turning On - Faint Gas Smell

    My Fridgidaire oven is not turning on. The broiler works fine. The bake mode does not. The ignitor does heat up but the gas does not go through- just a faint smell of gas is sensed but it will not light. Any suggestions?
  17. G

    KitchenAid gas range KGSS907SSS02 - all 4 stovetop ignitors won't light, no spark, oven lights fine

    My 4 year old KitchenAid oven, KGSS907SSS02 recently had issues where all four top burners wouldn't light, then would light the next day. Now they simply don't light because there is no spark, nothing. They can be manually lit with a BBQ lighter. The oven sparks, and does light, although it...
  18. L

    Maytag MGR5750ADA oven ignitor wires shorted against each other, now no power to ignitor plug

    The plug has no power for new ignitor. Is the power relay likely blown? Is it separate or on a circuitboard ($$$) ? What voltge should the plug supply when onen turned on? Thanks..
  19. J

    FIXED Oven not working - burners are, broiler is

    My range oven stopped working. The burners work great, the broiler works as well. Had the gas company out and found that they oven ignitor isn't getting any power. The fan for the convection won't spin either. The control panel still works and displays just fine. Any ideas? Thanks for your...
  20. J

    [FIXED] Bake Burner Problem

    Our Kenmore gas range is having problems heating up properly. Broil burner works fine, but bake burner has issues. Ignitor will glow for quite a while (just timed it at 4 1/2 minutes before giving up) before gas turns on. Then, gas will stay on for about 5-10 seconds and turn off, making a...

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