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    LG gas dryer can only supply power to the igniter for 3 seconds and then automatically disconnects.

    I found this BBS due to issues with my dryer, and after reading many posts, I'm deeply saddened by the passing of Jake, who helped countless people. I hope this BBS can continue to thrive in memory of Jake. Here is my issue: I have a Kenmore gas dryer with the model number KGD9118WA, which is a...
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    VGSS300-4BDSS Viking Stovetop Ignitor Issue - stumped.

    Background: We bought a house with an older Viking, which my wife loves. One burner (#2) has never ignited, although the gas flows fine and can be lit with a match. Recently the other 3 burners all stopped working at the same time - no spark, but can be lit with a match, which is what we've...

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