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    No lights - No Power IKEA Dishwasher IUD9500WX2 Whirlpool?

    Hello! Based on reading here and other sources across the internet I believe my Mom's dishwasher blew the thermal fuse. An IKEA Dishwasher model IUD9500WX2. The symptom is no lights on the controls located on the top of the door. There is also no response when pressing them. Normally when...
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    Whirlpool/Ikea range progessive failure

    I have a Whirlpool/Ikea 36" five-burner dual fuel range (YIDC875SS) whose oven stopped working yesterday. Selecting the timer, oven setting and temp appear to turn the oven on (light inside the oven turns on, no preheat indicator light), but it does not heat up. I tried flipping the breaker for...