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    WDTA50SAKZ0 - Whirlpool dishwasher wash motor won't spin, gets hot

    About the machine: Brand: Whirlpool Model: WDTA50SAKZ0 Warranty: Expired 4 months ago I bought and installed the dishwasher (brand new) about a year and 4 months ago. Up until 3 weeks ago, I did not have any problems with it what-so-ever. One afternoon, I went to unload the dishwasher to...
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    HLPW028BXW Haier Top Loader Impeller Screw Broken

    I have a Haier washing machine ( since about 2017 and for the most part it has been great, we had some coins block the valve that I have had to deal with but nothing major until now. This model doesn't have an upright...
  3. C

    FIXED 110.25132411 Kenmore washer Cannot get hub off after breaking washplate

    Hi as stated in the title I have a Kenmore 110.25132411 top-load washing machine I have replaced the actuator, drive belt and splutch parts first because my washplate was stuck. After breaking the washplate off I cannot seem to get the hub off because there is still something stuck(gear) on the...
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    587.17252200 Dishwasher only makes humming noise after drain impeller replacement.

    Hi everyone and thanks in advance for any help/advice. My Kenmore portable dishwasher recently quit draining. I took my pump apart and discovered that my drain impeller had been completely torn up with a big hole in the center causing it to not drain. I ordered a new impeller and installed it...
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    FDB1100RHB2 Is impeller supposed to spin freely?

    FDB1100RHB2 Drains fine but water doesn't circulate. I took it apart from the inside and noticed the impeller doesn't spin at all - should it? Not sure if there is a fix for that, or even what next steps would be. Sorry, dishwasher repair is all new to me - this is the 1st time I've...
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    FIXED Bosch Dishwasher Drain Pump Fins Broken... How to Replace?

    Hi All, I have a Bosch dishwasher that isn't draining. After a lot of experimentation I think the issue is that the impeller fins are broken. The impeller fan still spins fine, I tricked the dishwasher into thinking it was closed and ran the drain cycle for a second to check, but all of the...
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    ASKO 1385 how to remove impeller

    I believe the impeller is broken and needs replacing. Does anyone know how to release the motor so that I can get to the impeller.
  8. H

    FGHD2433KF1 Frigidaire Dishwasher will not drain, no drain motor sound at all

    The Dishwasher will not drain. I found bits of glass (the hard way) while removing the water from the bottom. There is no sound when the drain pump should be active. It is possible, I guess, that the pump is clogged, but with no sound at all, I'm guessing a piece of glass prevented the...
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    FIXED DU943PWKQ0 Whirlpool Quiet Partner II - impeller stuck

    Hi All, I have minimal experience with dishwashers, in my rental home, the above appliance started making a grating, grinding noise one day. It seemed to still complete the cycle and drain properly. When I restarted the machine without any dishes or any soap, it leaked some through the front...
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