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    Bosch SMS53M08EU drain works but still got E:24

    Hi guys! My Bosch dishwasher has every other week an E:24 error. But I unplugged the draining hose to see water flow - It's perfect. No water stays in the dishwasher. I check the pump for debris - it's clean. I make sure that the pump cover is closed. All the steps as needed - and they are all...
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    FIXED Whirlpool washer WFW72HEDW0 error code F8 E1

    Our washer is showing the E1 F8 error code for Heavy Duty cycles (hot water) all the time now. And for Normal cycles (warm water), it takes a long time to fill but eventually runs successfully. Cycles that use cold water seem to run fine. We've checked water supply, hoses, pressure, screens...
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    GD2SHAXLT00 Whirlpool Refrigerator inlet valve replacement

    My ice maker and water dispenser in my whirlpool side by side is dripping. It's not such a problem with the dispenser, but the drip in the ice maker keeps freezing the whole thing up. I know I need a new water inlet valve. The part for my model is 2212374, which has apparently been...
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    PDC3600AWE Maytag Dishwasher - Are the solenoid sections if inlet valve swappable?

    I've been unsuccessfully looking to replace the intake valve (903406) for my 20+ year old Maytag PDC3600AWE portable dishwasher. It does not seem to be available anywhere. So I've had a thought... There is a related dishwasher model (PDB3600AWE) whose inlet valve is still available (WP99001359)...
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    Whirlpool top load washer WTW5000DW2 no hot water

    I have a Whirlpool top load washer WTW5000DW2 purchased brand new in September of 2018. The unit recently stopped filling with hot/warm water. I just finished replacing the water inlet valve which I assumed was the problem. After replacing the $45.00 part, it still won't switch over to warm or...
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    110.28132411 Kenmore washer Won't fill and F7 E5 code.

    Greetings all I have a Kenmore 700 series washer that I have had for 2 years. Push start, the door latch engages, the washer starts the load sensing process (both drum and agitator turn), the washer goes to wash cycle (wash light comes on), then the machine goes to load complete with no wash...
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    FIXED 110.45087404 Kenmore Elite Smartwash Quiet Pak 9 water inlet valve leaking

    Hi, The cold water inlet valve started to pass occasionally and allowed a slow trickle into the washer. It could be remedied by turning the water supply valve off and on. The machine gave a F09 error code but I attribute that to the pump realizing it had been pumping too long and not getting...
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    Whirlpool WRS586FLDM01 side-by-side occasional water on floor under freezer door--3 ounces?

    Unit is 3 years old. I found water in small amounts under freezer door area. Does not seem to have come from under unit but just down from door. The door itself does not show water tracks on the outside. The edges of the small puddle are dry so I think it just came straight down. I can't feel...
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    FIXED 796.31523211 Kenmore Top Loader Fill Slows down after 30 seconds (IE Error)

    I have a Kenmore Elite top loader. I have been getting the IE (Inlet Error) The hoses are clear as are the inlet filters and the water pressure leaving the hoses is fine. When I start a load, the water fills fine for about 20-30 seconds but then "kicks" and the water fills VERY slowly...
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    FIXED KSSC42QMS01 Need help w/ built in refrigerator, no water coming from dispenser. How to access.

    I need to test and possibly replace the inlet valve on my KitchenAid built in. The valve is located underneath and there is no room to get to it. Do I lay down a 650lb fridge on it's side? Do I crank up the leveling feet to the max, how much room will that give me? Right now I barely have 5"...
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    Ice Maker overglows and water won't stop

    I am stuck. My icemaker quit. I purchased a new one. Then the water kept filling the tray and wouldn't stop. I purchased a new inlet valve and installed it. Then nothing at all!!! I took the icemaker back and got a replacement. Installed that and again nothing at all. Took off the power...

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