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    GE Café Induction CCHS950P2M4S1 Range does not work - induction element does not start

    About every month, the range stops working. When I turn the knobs, the light around the knob does not come on, and the induction element does not start. After about a week, it starts working again. I bought it 11 months ago, and is still under warranty. However, they've been out twice and have...
  2. R

    FIXED KSSC48FMS02 constant alarm beeping and intermittent compressor

    We've got a KSSC48FMS02 that seems to be struggling and thinking its about to go. From reading here I'm thinking it might be control board going? For the past 4 weeks or so there is a constant beeping from the fridge. The compressor also sounded like it wasn't staying on and recently have...
  3. M

    FFTR1821TD0 Frigidaire top freezer refrigerator works intermittently, compressor runs, light bulb goes out.

    I noticed that the fridge light occasionally didn't come on when opening the door. I replaced the bulb but the situation persisted. Yesterday, I noticed that my Diet Coke (TM) was not very cold, so I suspected that the light not working may be related to the fridge not cooling. I cleaned the...
  4. I

    FIXED 110.26422500 Kenmore washer intermittent spin problem

    Kenmore washer model I have an intermittent spin problem with our Kenmore washer. Sometimes it spins out, sometimes not. Currently about 50/50. We've put up with it for months and can find no pattern. It can happen in any mode or load size. I replaced the timer and it solved nothing. When the...
  5. D

    Maytag Refrigerator MFI2269DRM01 Water and Ice Intermittent

    Side by side French style with freezer underneath. Sometimes when I try to get water it does nothing. Same with ice. This happens more in the morning. Thought the door sensor was intermittent because opening and closing sometimes fixes the problem but after putting in a new one same problem...
  6. A

    GDF540HGD0WW Turns Off and On Mid Cycle, Now no Power

    Hello, yesterday our GE washer had no power (the controls were not functioning, no lights on control panel, no sounds opening and closing door, no lights under machine with access panel removed). The breaker was not tripped and was turned off and on without change in machine. This morning...
  7. C

    KRSF505ESS Thinks the ice maker tray isn't resetting.

    The ice maker in my KRSF505ESS only works intermittently. I found the Service and Wiring Sheet and rand through tests 44, 45, 47 and 48. When I run 44 to tell it to "harvest" the tray turns upside down as expected. However it will often display code 23 with the 3 indicating "Switch faulty or...
  8. R

    FIXED Bosch B20CS80 problem with freezer fan

    My Bosch B20CS80SNS/02 has started having intermittent problems with freezing ice in the icemaker and keeping the top shelves cold. I'm fairly confident that the problem is due to intermittent operation of the freezer fan, as described in several other older posts such as this one...
  9. S

    FFHS2611PFCA Frigidaire Refrigerator - Water Dispenser Fails Intermittently

    Hi, I have a FFHS2611PFCA, about 3 years old now, water dispenser worked before bed, the following day the water dispenser did not work. Ice maker has worked throughout the duration of this issue. I tested the impedance of the 3 solenoid valves. I was able to measure some 'acceptable' level of...
  10. L

    VBXR1090DBWW Hotpoint Washer Intermittent Drain. Have to turn off and on to drain.

    My Hotpoint washer doesn't drain completely in either cycle. It drains about half way and then stops. I have to turn off the washer and wait 3-4 minutes and then pull the knob to restart drain cycle. It drains for about 10 seconds and then stops again. This continues until it has completely...
  11. W

    FIXED Sub-Zero 511 freezer and evaporator fan turn off intermittently

    I have a Sub-Zero 511 refrigerator and the freezer and evaporator fan turn off simultaneously and intermittently. The freezer stays cool for weeks at around 10 degrees F. Every so often it warms up, defrosts and the fan goes off for up to 4 hours. I pulled the covers over the evaporator and the...
  12. H

    FIXED 106.51713411 Evaporator Fan intermittently stops working

    Hi! New here and was impressed by all the threads that have been posted and the responses received. Hoping that someone can help me figure this out too. We got a Kenmore Elite Coldspot Side-by-Side, Counter depth refrigerator about 3 years ago. About 6 weeks ago, the evaporator fan stopped...
  13. F

    KRFF507ESS01 Kitchen Aid fridge was making loud noise, now stopped

    My just over one year old Kitchen Aid refrigerator started making an intermittent loud noise last week. It lasted just a couple of minutes up to 20 minutes at a time. Sometimes it happened often, other times it would be a two or three hours in between, sometimes it was louder, other times not...
  14. H

    Outdoor Condenser Unit Fan runs Intermittently

    The fan on my outdoor condenser unit was not running when I got home yesterday. I removed and tested the capacitor and it was faulty. I replaced the condenser and now the fan runs but only for about 40 seconds then is stops and immediately starts back up. This repeats continually. Any ideas...
  15. V

    PotScrubber 980 --- Will only run with button physically held down

    Hey all, Have a well old PotScrubber 980 that was recently pushed back into service. Worked fine for a couple of months but runs very intermittently now. Here is the problem: The dishwasher will sometimes not start at all after everything is selected. The start button (knob, really) has to be...
  16. G

    FIXED KitchenAid DW- stopped running ran awhile no more- cycle stops lights go off

    Had issues with keyboard flashing in March. Cleaned thoroughly, checked door switch and thermal coupler. All fine, but wouldn't work. Could reset the system, but had no affect on running a complete cycle. Week later retired the plug. Miraculously worked for 2 months. Now keyboard completely...
  17. B

    MFI2568AES HI-Volt board keeps going dead.

    Good afternoon, I am struggling with a High voltage board (WPW10310240) issue. In early November '014 my ice maker door began to oscillate. I removed all outputs to my high voltage board and I can hear relays clicking. Incoming voltage ok. At the wall I had 118vac with correct orientation. I...
  18. A

    Oven problem

    I have a gas Whirlpool oven. When baking the oven stays on for about 30-40 minutes and then goes off. I then have to turn the oven off and then on again to get it to work again. Any ideas on what the problem is????? Oven is about 10 years old.
  19. M

    DLE5977W LG dryer stops intermittently

    I have an LG dryer that stops intermittently- especially if there is a full load of laundry in it. The motor was replaced about 3-4 months ago thinking this was the cause and it worked for a while and then started acting up again about a month ago. Here is the scenario: I put a load of...
  20. D

    Maytag Neptune MAH3000 cuts out/shuts down intermittently

    The washer mentioned above shuts down at random times during the cycle -- either agitate or spin, though I don't remember that it has happened during the fill. By shutting down, I mean that the motor stops whatever it was doing and the On / power light goes off. Mashing the Start/Stop button...

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