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    GE Cafémodel CYE23TSDCSS is not cooling fresh food or freezer sections with new MB and inverter

    Hi I hope you can help me determine what is going on with my refrigerator. I have an 8 year old GE Café refrigerator model CYE23TSDCSS is not cooling in fresh food or freezer sections. Following instructions in technical service guide, I got the following diagnostic test results: 47 FF Fan...
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    Samsung Refrigerator RF4287HARS freezer won't cool down past 77 and fridge gets to 45 at best

    This unit is not cooling. The freezer won't cool down past 77 and fridge gets to 45 at best. The compressor runs and fan runs error code 13e I press ok after 3 seconds it clears. I bought it used. I blew the coils clean. I put my hand on the compressor it is running. Looks from the brazing that...
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    FIXED Help, mess!! room temperature fridge/freezer, no compressor action? PFE29PSDASS

    I need your help again! Came home from a trip and we have a mess in the fridge AND the freezer. Temps are 67 fridge 62 in freezer. From what I can tell all the little fans are blowing (into the fridge compartement, into the ice maker, into the freezer). The condensor fan is blowing but the...
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    Another GE Fridge won't cool post.... GE Profile PFE29PSDASS

    Previously posted elsewhere, but thought it may be best to create a new thread (previous thread here: I have a GE PFE29PSDASS which seems very similar to what...
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    KEMS379BSS01 KitchenAid microwave isn't working. Tray doesn't turn and Timer freezes.

    Hi guys, I have a KitchenAid Microwave/Oven combo. Model# KEMS379BSS01 The problem is: the microwave doesn't work. It can't heat the food. the tray doesn't turn. the timer count down one second and then it stops. after all these, the microwave continues to stay on for sometime then stops...
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    KitchenAid KSBP25INSS00 not cooling

    Greetings, Unit is not cooling...there's power to inverter box and compressor, both fans are working. I see some folks solve this by replacing the inverter box, others the control board, others with a thermistor. If the Inverter is getting power and the Compressor is also, does this...
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    MFX2876DRM00 Could I have a closed system failure?

    Hello all. I have the above French door model maytag. This weekend it stopped making ice. Today while troubleshooting I noticed that neither the Fridge nor Freezer compartment are cooling as they should. I ordered the tech manual and have ran through several tests and a manual defrost. No luck...
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    KSCS25INSS00 Kitchenaid side-by-by side no longer cooling

    I have read many threads that cover many parts of my problem. Sorry to start a new thread but wanted to be able to explain in detail what I am experiencing and how I got here. refrigerator seemed to be operating Ok holding 37 degrees. Freezer was a little warm at 7 degrees. Side by side middle...
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    Power outages and rolling brown outs - impact on inverter appliances?

    Model Number: unknown Brand: Panasonic Age: Less than 1 year In Panama we have frequent power outages, dips, surges, and brown outs due to acts of both God and man. I have an option to buy an inverter refrigerator, but I have been told by local technicians that the power fluctuations cause the...
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    Motor wont run.

    GE hydrowave. just bought it for $20 with a motor problem. motor flash code 6. checked the shifter, sits at about 64 Ohms. the inverter board also makes about 8 high pitched beeps and i hear a relay click. did the lid dance twice. motor goes into standby, then into normal operation for about 5...
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    FIXED WCVH6400J1WW GE Frontload just keeps draining

    Dear Friends, Just acquired this washer from a friend who gave up on it. repair man told her it was the inverter, but i have reason to believe it is not. I ran some tests on it and it will tumble but just wont spin. I hear the drain running like its trying to drain water that isn't in there? So...
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