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  1. Melissaab

    JCD2389GES Jenn-Air Refrigerator/Freezer Stopped Cooling and Water Dispenser Stopped Working All At Same Time

    -Both fridge & freezer NOT cooling -Water dispenser no longer dispensing water These things both happened at the same time yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere Odd thing is... it still seems to be running, as I can hear it, and sounds like it normally does. Any help with what I can do to try &...
  2. J

    JBL2088HES Jenn-air not cooling

    Refrigerator is not cooling. I did a continuity test and checked for a dead short all which seem to check out ok. I bought a new capacitor and start relay but it still is not cooling. The compressor is running but it is not hot to the touch. All fans are running. Any help would be appreciated
  3. D

    Jade RJRS4270A Electrical Issue

    I have a Jade 42" refrigerator model RJRS4270A. Jade was purchased by Jenn-Air then Whirlpool. I had a power surge a couple nights ago and in the morning the refrigerator did not operate. There are no lights, compressor doesn't run, no display panel etc. - completely dead. I have power at the...
  4. T

    FIXED Jenn - Air oven tripping breaker after bake element replacement.

    My bake element lit up like a sparkler for a few seconds before I was able to shut off the power (on Thanksgiving morning of course). I replaced the element, turned on the circuit breaker, and the display and oven light came on as expected. When I attempted to heat the oven, it tripped the...