jenn air dishwasher

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    Jenn air JDB3200AWS2 won't start clean light blinks 6 times then 1

    My Jenn- Air dishwasher just recently stopped working. The bottom was full of water sucked so i sucked it out with shop vac. I checked the drain and the drain plug everything looks good and the panel seems to be working. The lights light up when I will select the different cycles and hit...
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    JDB1100AWS Stopped running, touchpad buttons not corresponding

    I have this dishwasher Jenn Air JDB1100AWS, last week, it stopped running(When we turn on, the lights on touch pad are on, but when we pressed any one of them, none of them corresponded). I called Sears service and they sent a technician come to check on that. He said the main board is bad and...
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    FIXED Jenn Air Ultra Quiet Series Dishwasher not draining/leaking all over floor

    I believe the dishwasher is approximately 10 years old but not completely sure (we've lived in the house for 5 years. It's been working well and the only problem we had was to replace the latch with awesome directions from here :) At some point in the cycle tonight, I heard water dripping in...