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    FIXED JDB3200AWS1 Jenn Air DW not starting. Error code 6, 4.

    My Jenn Air model: JDB3200AWS1 SER: F30201677. In service approx 3 years. ERROR CODE/DIAGNOSTICS: The error code I'm getting via blinking lights is 6 and 4. I have no literature other than the manual that came with the DW. The service sheet on the kick panel is missing. PROBLEM: DW keypad...
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    Jenn Air JDR8895AAS, after cleaning, the bottom door would not unlock

    Unlike some other posters, I have loved my Jennair duel fuel source double oven range! It has served me well until recently. Problems started when I had cleaned the oven and after cleaning, the bottom door would not unlock. We reset the breaker but my husband ended up having to "jimmy" the door...
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    Jenn-air JDB7910AWB heating element not working

    I have a 10 year old Jenn-air JDB7910AWB dishwasher. We often/always use the heavy duty cycle with the sanitize option selected, and it used to be the case that both the "clean" and "sanitized" lights would illuminate after the cycle was finished. Now, the "sanitized" light does not illuminate...