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    Kelvinator - Looking for a 1950s (1955 or 1956) Kelvinator refrigerator striker latch

    Does anyone know where I can find this part? I have been monitoring eBay with no luck! Thanks for the help!
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    1950s/1960s? Kelvinator refrigerator - need help with identifying door latch part

    I have a Kelvinator refrigerator door latch (see pictures) that I am trying to fix, and I am not sure what part I need. I believe it is a small metal piece that screws (there are two screw holes) into the housing of the refrigerator so the door can latch close. Any thoughts on the part and/or...
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    FIXED Late 30s early 40s Kelvinator Refrigerator?

    So I got this one for free, has some dents and its dirty af but it runs and cleans up nice. I have no idea but I think its late 30s to early 40s kelvinator. I plan to make this my shop fridge but I know basically nothing about appliances. Im looking for some general knowledge about restoring old...
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    A Newb with a Nash-Kelvinator Fridge

    Hello Everyone! I have, for all of my life, loved the vintage look of appliances. Call me weird, that's fine, I dont mind being weird. Well in the search to get myself a working primary fridge, despite finishing up college and being broke, I pickedup a working Kelvinator on Craigslist for $50...
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    Selling 1946 Kelvinator "Automatic Cook" Electric Range

    I am moving in a couple weeks and can't take it with me. I don't want to leave it behind and risk getting scrapped. It is in perfect working order. It needs a little cleaning, but not too bad. Most everything works that I can tell. The lights above 4 of the dials still work. The one over...

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